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CHRIST, not the son of David, in conviction, but to the opera-
any fenle, 62.

tions of the Holy Spirit, 401.
CHRISTIAN II. K. of Denmark, Corper-Boilers, used in the Na.

his horrid character, and ex. vy, one cause of the Sea scure

pulsion from the throne, 360. vy, 98. Other ill cffets of,
Christians, the primitive, lia-

ble to the centure of całumny CUMBERLAND, Duke of his
they cast on the Heathens, 28. character and conduct vilified,
Changed their humility, as in 469.
procois of time they became Custom, its innuence and effecs
powerful, into intolence and confidered, 16.
tyranny, 503.

CHRISTIANITY, disbelief of, ACOSTA, Emanuel Meníez,

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land, 330.

Poets, 97

odious, 32. Stiled True Deilin, production in Scotland, similar

Imprudent manner in to the Giant's Cauleway in Ire-
which Christianity is fome-
times defended by the Clergy, DALRYMPLE, Sir David, Editor

of Memorials and Letters, in
CLASSICAL Manners, why Atill the reign of James the firit,
admired and imitated by the 492.

Dan, the Founder of the Danish
Clergy of the Church of Eng. Monarchy, 365.

land, charged with mani elting David, King of Israel, his rė.
a {pirit of persecution, 430.

bellious intention in seizing
Defended, ib.

Keilah, 58. His motive for
COKE, Sir Edward, of an over- sparing Saul ar Engedi and

bcaring difpofition, 498. Af- Main censured, 59. His con-

fronts the great Bacon, ib. duct toward King Achish con-
COLLECTS, new ones proposed demned, 61. And his severity

for Trinity-Sunday, 304. toward the Amalekites, ib. His
Collins, Antony, his opinion treachery toward Uriah iner.

of the argument in defence of cufable, 62. Other enormous
Christianity, from the fulfil- crimes insisted on against him,
meat of prophecies, 1.

COMMON Praver Book, its ítyle DECLARATION, proposed as a

and manner applauded, 303. more proper term in the church-

Specimen of a new form, ib. service than Abfolution, 305.
COMPARISONS, and Similes, con- Specimen of a Declaration to

fidered, 105. Examples of be used, instead of the old
Comparisons improperly intro- form of Abfolution, 305.
duced, 105.

DE!SM, confidered as only oppo-
CONGRUITY and Property, dil- sed to Atheifin, 33. TO Poly-

tinct terms, 13. This position
centroveried. 14.

Deist, originaily an honourable
CONTRACT, social, what, and appellation, 32. Abuse of that
how maintained, 453.

term calculated to millead un-
CONVERSION of the first Chrilli-

wary minds, ib

Abfurdic, of
ans, no: oiing to mere rational oppofag it to Chriitianity, 33.


theison, 34

Kk 2


dered, 14.

Deift however aspersed, not far EDUCATION, the importance of
froin the kingdom of beaven, ib. it, 213. The business of pa-
DEISTS, the wiseit men in the

rents, 259. The worst in the
heathen world, 35

world that, which keeps a child
DE 1 AVAL, Mr. his experiments wavering between the will of
in electricity, 426.

its Tutor and its own, 347.
DE: MARK, Hillory of in the mo. The most important rule of it,

dern Universal History, 559. not to gain time, but to lose it,
DivoNSHIRE, Duke of, his cha- ib. Mr. Locke's method of,

secter, by an enemy, 467. to be rejected, 344.
Abused for resigning, ib.

ELLIS, Mr. his account of an
DIAL. OOUES, modern, the grand

Enerines, 332.
defect of, 2.4.

Those of Ly. ELOQUENCE, congenial and es.
cian inimitable, 25. Between sential to human speech, 377
a Stoic and the Mogul. 26. This proposition controverted,
Between Lacian and Mellinius, ib. Modes of Eloquence ar-

bitrary and local, ib. Not to
Iickson, Dr. his account of the be expected in sacred Writ,

beneat of blisters in inconii.
nence of urine, 194. Or their Ens PH A SIS, observations on, 286

efficacy in other disorders, 196. Proper marks for, wanted in
DIGNITY, and Meannefs, consi- writing, 287.

ENGLISH, a frce nation only dur-
DISSENTER, zealous, furious for ing the election of Members of
Mo eration, 434.

Parliament, 501.
DISSENTERS, their readiness to ENTHUSIASM, effential in Ode.
join in communion with the

writing, 224.
Church, on a reformation of Epic and Tragic Poetry contrast.
the Liturgy, 308. A Society ed and distinguished, 111.
formed for wöríhipping God by EVIDENCE, historical, uncertain.
a new form of Common Pray- ty of, 362.

Ezra, Aben, miltaken in hie
Dove of Chriltianity, changed to application of Pfalm CX. 3.
a Vulture, 413.

DRAMATIC Poetry considered, ANATICIS, its character,
The modern Drama

preferred to he ancient, 113. Fathers, in begetting and pro-
DUNTHORN, Mr. his Elements viding for their offspring, dir-
of ne:v Tables of the Motions charge but a third part of their
of Jupiter's Satellites, 422.

FERRERS, Earl of, two quellions

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er, ib

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duty, 259

E ARTs, its use in vegetation;

put to the Judges at his trial,

444 144.
ECCLESIASTES, various opinions FEVER. pernicious consequence
. concerning the truc meaning of of mistaking an epidemic one,
that book, 479. Suppoled co for an highly inflamınatory
be a phile fophical discourse on
the immortality of the foul, . FIELDING, Henry, his Hisory
483. Rca'ons for this opinion, of 10913 Fones criticized and

.. Analytical paraplısale on commended, 49. His Amelia
that work, 473.


one, 101.

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defended, 51.

His Covent Illustrated by the Gothic me-
Garden Journal, 52. His Voy. thod of defign in gardening,
age to Lisbon, ib. His death,

ib. His general character, 53. GOVERNMENTS, naturally tend
His miscellaneous works, 55.

towards despotism, 469.
Fire, not a material body, 126. GRACE, Divine, cconomy of,

Jts use and effect in vegeta- 370. Counterfeit pretensions
tion, 443•

to Grace unmasked, 407.
FITZGERALD, Mr. his experi- GRAMMAR, English, ftudy of,

ments for checking the too lox. generally neglected, 38. Ule.
uriant growth of trees, 329.

fulness of this Audy, 39.
His description of a new ther.


Ading, King of Denmark,
Foster, Judge, his Reports com- his extraordinary compact

mended, 140. His censure of with Hunding, King of Swe-
the Lord Chancellor Bacon's den, 361. Fatal consequence
conduct, 145

thereof, ib.
Free, Dr. his remarkable charge HALE, Lord Chicf Jultice, some
of ingratitude against the Go-

notions of his, repugnant to
vernment, 237.

Revolution principles, correct-
Free-Will, Arminian doctrine

ed, 146.
of, absurd, and of immoral HARRIS, James, his Hermes ap-
tendency, 435:

plauded, 37.

He furnishes
FREWIN, Dr. his acceunt of a Tome Notes to Mrs. Fielding's

large ftone voided through the translation of Xenophon's Mi-
perinæum, 423•

morabilia, 176. Author of

Spring, a dramatic paftoral,
AERTNER, Dr. his account 395

of the Urtica Marina, 329. Head-Ach, removed by Æther,
Gengva, History of, in the Mo-

dern Universal History, 413. HEARNE, Thomas, Epigram on

Fanaticism reigning there, ibid.'
GENIUS considered, 259.

HEATHCOTE, Mr. his patriot-
George II. an enemy to perse- ism, 384, 385

His noble de. HEBERDEN, Dr. his account of
claration on that head, to Mr. an earthquake in the island of
Whiston, ib.

Madeira, 331.
German Paltoral, specimens of, Henry, Dr. his account of an
129, 133

oflification of the muscles, 422.
God's Goodness, proved from HERODIAN, his remark on the

the connection between virtue little regard paid to Truth, by
and happiness, vice and misery,

Hiftorians, 358.

HISTORIANs, uncertainty of their
GOODNESS, Divine, great diff- teftimony, 362.

culties in the confideration of, HISTORIES of Kings and King-
363. Strong argument in proof doms, little better than Ro-
of, ib.

mances, 362.
GOSPEL Righteousness defined, Holy Spirit, its office and


tians, 37€.

Gothic Poetry considered, 88. manifested in the Gift of




him, 495

cution, 433.

bridle, 315.

Tue, 371. In the inspira- INGHAM, Mr. his account of the
tion of the Scriptures, 373. cure of a fiftula, 1920
Considered under the Idea of INSPIRATION of the New Testa.
the Comforter, 399.


ment, Bishop of Gloucelter's
neousli changes the dispositions notion thereof, 373.
and nanners of those whom'it Joel, prophecies the cfiuifion of
had enlightened, ib. These the Spirit, on the day of Pen-
effects acribed to Fanaticism ticost, 10. And the destruction
and Sopartition, 400. This of Jerusalem, ib. Meaning of
opinion cbviated, 401. Du- his expreflions, • day of the
ration of the Gifts of the Holy Lord,' and 'great day of the
Spirit considered, 403.

Lord,' ascertained, ib.
Homer, his sublime description John, King of Denmark, his
of Jupiter. 249.

dying charge to his son, 359.
Horace, an Imitator of Alcæus JOHNSTONE, Dr. his account of
and Pindar, 219

two remarkable medical cales,
Horse, the tendency of that ani- 99.

mal to degenerate from the ISAIAH, why itiled the Evangeli-
finest species, 42.

Accounted cal Prophet, 2.
for, 43. Error of those Riders ITALIAN Poetry, brief hillory of,
who make too much use of the 94-96.

ITALY, History of, in the Mo-
HUNDING, King of Swden, fin- dern Univerlal Hiilory, 413.
gular compact between him

and Hading, King of Den- AIMIS, Lord, his Elements
mark, 361.

of Criticism
thereof, ib.

AIXGs, made for mankind, not
HUNTER, Dr. his account of an, mankind for Kings, 450.

Emphysema, of a monstrous KIRKLAND, Mr. his account of
size, 99. Of a difeafed Tibia, a curious medical case, 192.
194. Of an uncommon case'

of a separation of the otpu- AMBERT, Mr. his account of
bis, ib. His farther obferva. a new method of treating
tions on a species of Aneurism, an Aneurism, 195.

LANGUAGE, with respect to

found, confidered, 21. In-
AMES I King of England, a ftances of impropriety in, 111,

beally Monarch, 493• Con- LANGUAGES, ancient, defects of,
ceives a particular liking to a 16.
fpeckled low, ib.

LAUDE, M. de la, his apology,
IDIOMS, Syriac and Hebrew, in in regard to what he had laid

the original Greek of the New of Sir Isaac Newton, 226.
Testament, no objections to' LIBERTY, Civil, never so much
the divine infusion of that lan. in danger, as where no danger
guage, on the day of Penti- is suspected, 469. Can never
colt, 576.

be too watch fully guarded, ib.
IMPRESSING, for the sea-service,

Uaalienable, 450.

Our lots
Jedge Fofter's opinion of that of it predicted to be near a: '
practice, 142. Controverted,

Religious, a fierted,



hand, 41.




down, 352.

and recommended, 364. Con. method of preventing it, im-
firmed by Divine Revelation, mediately after the bite, propo-

fed by the Reviewers, 147.
LITERARY Property, great quef- MALACHI, prophches of John

tion concerning its nature, and the Baptist, and Chrift, 2.
legal security, discussed, 177– MANUAL of fpiritual exercises, a

popith book, its abominable
LITURGY, Church of England, tendency, 474. Gross impu-

scheme for a reformation of, rities in it, 476.
298. Neceflity of, deduced MASKELYNE, Mr. his letter re-
from the case of the Clergy lating to the Moon's parallax,
themselves, 299; from that of 332. Concerning the aberra-
the Lairy, 301. Nobility and tion of the rays of light, 419.
Gentry exhorted to begin a re- Mason, William, his elegies.
formation of the service, în compared to Young's Night
their do reitic chapels, 307.

thoughts, 489. Some of them
Locke, Mr, the firit who clearly prailed, 490.
delineated the human mind, METAPHORS, wherein different

from fimilies and allegories,
Lyons, Dr. his description of

Should never be hunted
the Cephus, 331.
Lyre, defcription of that anci. MEAD, Dr. a very brief repre-

ent musical inftrument, 243, sentation of his inoral and sci-
the Note.

entific character, 271.
Lyric Poetry considered, 240. MESSENGER, mentioned by Ma-

lachi, who, ascertained, 2.
ACDONALD /Eneas, a rebel, MIDDLETON, Dr. his opinion
bis cale, 141.

concerning the gift of tongues
MACAULY, Dr. his account of on the day of Pentecost, 372.
a lockd jaw, 100

Of the His notion of the inspired lan-
powerful effects of the sublim- guage in the New Testament,
ate, 1041

examined, 374. He foretells
MACHIAVEL, his political prin- the destruction of the New Te-

ciples displayed and condemn- Itament writings, from the bar-
ed, 162. A fincerc advocate barity of their itile, 176. An-
for tyranny and inhumanity, swered, 378. Mistaken in his
165. Instanced in his apology ideas of the perfection requisite
for Calar Borgia, ib. His in- to inspired writings, 380.
consistencies, 166, 167. Hor- MODERN Universal hiftory, its
sible maxims extracted from his

character, 359
Prince, 168. Merit of his MOLLOY, Mr. his account of an

works allowed, where due, 17o. eartbquake at Lisbon, 331.
MACKENZIE, Dr. his account of Moore, Mr. his extract of Holy-

a dropsical case, 193. Of a re- Cross i'arish Regiller, 425.
markable separation of a large MORANT, Mr. his relation of

part of the thigh-bone, ib. an uncommon discasc, 423.
MACKINLAY, Mr. his letter re- MORTALITY, London, bills of,
lating to an eruption of l'elu-

obfervations on, 420.
vius, &c.

MOTHERS, importance of their
MADNES., caninc, a probable nurfing their own children, 2;9.


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