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MORRIS, Dr. his account of the ORATORY, Mr. Sherridan's ex-
virtues of æther, 101.

travagant encomium on, 69.
MURPHY, Arthur, his life of ORPHEUS, some account of him,
Henry Fielding, 49.

and his writings, 242.
Museus, the ancient Greek poet, Ossian, specimen of one of his
fome account of him and his

poems, in English verse, 157.
writings, 243.

OSSORY, Bishop of, fends the
Muses offended by poetical Si- Royal Society an account of a
mony, 426.

natural production in Scotland,

fimilar to the Giant's Cause.
ARRATION and Descrip- way in Ireland, 330.

tion considered, 110. OTHELLO, passage in, criticised,
Nations, like children, tractable



AGANS, not addicted to war

on the
NEWCASTLE, Duke of, invective

* 502.
display of his character, 466. PARNASSUS poetically described,
New Testament, stile and lan- 199.

thereof defended, Passions and EMOTIONS, vo-
Detects of, no objection to their Jumary and involuntary, con-
divine inspiration, 375. Bar- fidered, 18.
barity of, deemned by Dr. PASTORAL. Poetry characterised,
Middleton a fure mark of im-

posture, 376.

Nicholls, Dr. his anatomical fidered, 108.

observations on the death of his Pindar, his animated file, 249.
late Majefty, 423;

PITT, Mr. scheme for an union
NIXON, Mr. his additional ob- between him and Lord Bute,
fervations on some antiquities

found at Herculaneum, 333. Philips, John, the poet, cen-
NOBILITY and gentry exhorted

Jured for his Jacobitism, 227-
to begin a reformation of the His works elegantly printed,
liturgy in their domestic cha- ib.
pels, 307

Physic, art af, destructive to

mankind in general, 261.
DE, the nature of that spe- PHYSICAL principles, geometri-

cies of poetry confidered, cians have, in general, reasor.

Owes its chicf excel- ed weakly concerning them,
lence to enthusiasm, 245. Far- 124.
ther considered, 252.

PLAGIARISM of a modern poet
OPACITY--of the cornea, and of

detected, 429.
the chrystalline humour, from POLAND, hiltory of, in the Mo-
no venereal caufe, cured by a dern univerf.1 Hiflory, 410.
solution of sublimate, from Polish government, nature of,
Baion Van Swieten to Dr. Syl. 411. Senate, 412. Diet, 413.
vetter, 102.

Pope's epiftle from Eloisa to Abe-
CPPOSITION to the present mi. lard, paffage in criticised, 20.

nistry, said to be formed, and PRECEPTORS should study first
by whom, 466.

their pupils, 214.


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expect the man in the child, ib.

Are fond of teaching boys the ABNER, M. his comical

shewy parts of literature, 351 dream,
PREROGATIVE of princes, exer- RAMSAY, Mr. his account of the

cised in the province of religi- ill effects of copper vessels at

on, becomes persecution, 431. sea, ico.
PRESBYTERIANS, the most zea- Raper, Mr. defends Sir Isaac

Jous defenders of our libcrties, Newton, 426.
civil and religious, 430. Te. READING, or speaking with pro-
stimonies in their favour from · priety, little underitood by the
Lord Clarendon, and others of natives of Britain, 207.
the ellablishment, ib.

RECORDS, public, and ftate-pa.
Priest, the tool of princely ty- papers, best materials for his.
ranny, 431.

tory, 362.
Princes, Spectacles of horror, Redemption, the primum mo-

when they exercise violences in bile of the gofpel fyftem, 409.

matter of religion, 433. Folly of supposing the redemp.
PROPERTY, that of an author to tion of mankind a re-publica-

his own works defended, 117. tion of the religion of nature, ib.
That of the invention of a ma- RELIGION defined, 432. Not
chine the same as that of an fubject to the civil power, ib.
author to his copy, 187.

Why not cognizable by prince
PROPHECIES, fulfilled, the most or priest, ib.

proper arguments to evince the Repentance, unacceptable from
fruth of a revelation, 1. Col- a death-bed, 455 Folly of
lins's sentiments on this sub- deferring a life of virtue, in
ject, ib.

hopes of the efficacy of a death-
PROPHETS, jewish, eminent de- bed repentance, ib.
ifts, 36.

REPORT Books, defects in, one
PRUSSIA, king of, his observa- one of the principal causes of

tion on Machiavel's horrible the confusion and intricacy of
maxims, 170.

the law, 140.
PSALM CX applicable to Chrift, REPUTATION, of living authors,

Erroneously applied to always on the ebb or flow, 74.
Abraham, ib. To David, ib. REPRESENTATIVES of the peo-
New translation of this Psalm, ple, Rousseau's strictures on,
by Dr. Sharpe, 9.

PUGH, Mr. his account of a vio- Ridicule, investigated, 14-16.

lent scorbutic case, 103. ROMAN Catholics of Ireland,
PUFFING, remarkable instance defended again: the misrepre-

fentations of them contained in
PULTENEY, Mr. his acount of a our histories of the grand re-

man's heart enlarged to an un- bellion, in 1641, 508, Ex-
common fize, 425.

pediency of abating the rigour
Putrefaction defined, 294. of the Popish laws in Ireland,
Pye, Dr. his account of an ex-

traordinary vomiting. 99. Of Roman Catholic lady, remark.
fome successful instances of the able reasons againt a Proreste
external use of the bark, 193. ant's marrying one, dragin from


of, 391.



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ed, 19.

the practice of confeffion, 475. concerning emphasis, Russel, Dr. Alexander, his let- Miftaken in his correction of

ter on the use of corrosive sub. some instances of erroneous delimate. 09.

clamation, 291. His directions . RUSSIA, Hitory of, in the Mo- relating to pauses and stops apdern universul history, 418. proved, 292. His dissertations S

on elocution, and the state of AILORS and soldiers, dischar- language in other countries,

ged from government ser- commended, ib. Sharply at: vice, scheme for lettling them, tacked by one ). English, 313. 382.

SHIPWRECK, pathetically deSAP, rise and fall of, in vege- scribed, 200. tables, what, 446.

SHIRLEY, Rev. Mr. his laud, Schism, no adequate judge the:e- able profession of his duty as a of, but God, 408.

Chriftian minister, 232. SCRIBBLERS, female, animad. SIMILIES, in poetry, &c. confiverted on, 472.

dered, 107. Examples of some SCRIRLERUS, Martinus, criti- , improperly used, ib. In what

cises Mr. Mason's elegies, 485. respects different from meta. SENTIMENTS, their proper or phors, 110. improper expression, consider. Simson, Dr. his letter to Dr.

Pringle, 101. Sermon, receipt to make one, Socrates, his discourse concern

for the zoth of January, 457. ing the Deity, 171. SERVETUS, his horrible persecu- Soldiers and Sailors, discharge

tion, and martyrdom, at Ge- ed from Government-service, neva, 413

scheme to provide for them, SHAKESPEAR U superior to all other 382,

writers, 'in delineating passion, Son of God, not the immediate 21.

A passage in his Othello object of divine homage, 394. censured and defended, 20. One God only to be worshipHis soliloquies accurate copies of nature, 21,

SOVEREIGNs have no right to SHAME, the folly and danger of prescribe any creeds but such

being ashamed of religion and as are merely political, 504. virtue, 364.

SPECTATOR, language of, in a SHARPE, Dr. Gregory, his cri- particular expreffion, censured,

tical investigation of the CX, 22. Defended, ib. psalm, 53-4. His new version Spenser’s Fairy queen investiof that pralm, 9. His second gated as a Gothic composition, argument in defence of Christi

89, 94: anity, drawn from the prophe- Spirits of wine not to be frozen, cies, commended, 12.

even by the degree of cold that SHERIDAN, Thomas, rallied for

freezes mercury, 332, his extravagant encomium on

Sponge, the manner of applying the art of oratory, 69, 203, i it, for the effectual stoppage of 206. His scheme for a new hemorrhages after amputations, English dictionary, and gram- 77. The máry successful ap

Deficient in the plications of it, occurring in application of his own rules the practice of one furgeon, ib.


ed, 305

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mar, ib.

martial, 510.

church, 273

The manner of applying it af- TASTE, standard of, difquifition ter suppuration in amputations, concerning, 113. with its intention and success, Taylor, Dr. Jolin, his usual 192, 193.

charge to his pupils, previous STEDMAN, Dr. his letter to Dr.

to his lectures, 255.

His Pringle, 101.

scheme of fcripture divinity exSTEPHENS, Mr. his account of a plained, ib. His obfervations

phenomena in Dorsethire, 331. on the Shechinah, 256. STILES, Sir Francis, his account Tenets proper for a political re.

of an eruption of Mount Ve- ligion, 505. Few and simple, fuvius, 325. Farther account ib. of the same, ib.

THEOCRITUS, character of his SWEDEN, hiftory of, in the No. paftorals, 128. dern univerfal biflory, 359.

THICKNESSE. lieutenant-gover; Swift, Dean, remarkable instance nor of Landguard fort, his unof an impropriety of expression

favourable creatment at a court in his writings, 22. Extract from his sermon on sleeping at THOMPSON, Mr. his observa

His abusive re- tions on a dislocated shoulder, marks on Tindal, 274. His 195: memoirs of Captain Creighton TOLERATION, Biskop Warburcensured, ib. His character ton's sentiments concerning it, of Lord Wharton, a partial 407. Whether it hath been performance, 275. His letters

lately infringed ? 430. to archbilbop Marsh, fhew him TRAGEDY, wherein that species to have been duped by the To- of poetry differs from the Epic, ry ministry, ib. His tract on 11. Ought not to admit of good manners praised, ib. His violent actions, as murder ;delicate compliment to Mrs. : and why, 112. Houghton, 276. His verses TRANSITIONs, how far allowable on St. Patrick's Well, 277. On Dr. Rundle's promotion, TRAV 15, Mr. his letter to Dr. 279

Ill effects of the liber- Fothergill, 98. His account ties he took in gentlemen's fa- of a dislocated thigh-bone, 99. milies where he was intimate, TRIQUET, Mr. his paper on 280.

the Tublimate solution, 193. Swinton, Mr. his account of an Turner, Mr. his account of

Anthelion, 330. Of a remark. the cure of ascarides, by tobacable Meteor, ib. Dissertation co fumes, 194: on a Samnite Denarius, 332.

y SUPERSTITION, its character, Acuum, Sir Isaac Newton's

400. Its horrid effects in Ge. proof of it, from the dineva, 413

redion of the tails of comets, Sykes, Dr. mistaken in his in: invalidated, 126. terpretation of Psal. CX. 7. Vase, Mr. his account of a more T

tal fever at Senegal, 192. Asso formed the plan of his Van Swieten, Baron, his letter

famous poem on a mix- to Dr. Sylvester, on the efficature of the Gothic manner, су

of sublimate solution, in with the classic model, 94.


in the ode, 233.


earing an opacity of the eyes, Mercury, 331. Of Abbe Nol102,

let's electricity, 425. VIRDIGREASE, proceeding from Wesley, John, attacked by the

foul copper vessels at sea, il Bishop of Glocetter, , 370. effects ot, 100.

Charged with having laid claim VERSIFICATION and rhyme con- to almost every apoftolic gift, fidered, 23

404. Instances of his extravaVice, its connection with mise.

gant pretenfions, 405. Much . ry, urged in proof of the good- used to conflicts with the evil nefs of God, 363.

one, ib. The devil at length VIRTUE, its connection with hap- tired out, 406.

piness, a frong argument in Whig, zealous, a fave to liberty, proof of the divine goodness, 429. Whig and Tory factions 363.

revived, 469. Such denomiVOMITING, an extraordinary cafe nations despicable, 18. Noble of, on

declaration of a Whig, in favour of freedom, 470, 471.

tapping, 99.

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