The Homilies of the Emperor Leo VI

Ön Kapak
BRILL, 1997 - 308 sayfa
This highly original study provides an extensive and careful analysis of the Homilies of the Byzantine emperor Leo VI (A.D. 886-912) in order to place them in their historical and cultural contexts. This neglected corpus of forty-two texts comprises both panegyrics on ecclesiastical feasts and discourses on special occasions. The first part deals with the Homilies in the framework of Leo VI's career by examining topics such as the circumstances of the delivery of the Homilies and their political significance. The second part places the Homilies within the Byzantine homiletic tradition of the fourth to tenth centuries. The book, the first monograph on this collection, establishes Leo VI as a prominent literary figure of his time, and sheds new light on both the emperor's fascinating personality and the development of Byzantine homiletics. It will be of great benefit to all those who are interested both in Byzantine literature and the Eastern Church.

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The Author and his Work
The Homilies of Leo VI A Presentation
The Emperor and His Homilies
The Chronology of the Homilies
Political Ideology in the Homilies
The Style of the Homilies
The Homilies of Leo VI The Homilies
The Marian Homilies
The Dominical Homilies
The Homilies on Special Occasions
Conclusions of Part Two
The Authenticity of Homily 42
Leo VI and Photios the Testimony of
Telif Hakkı

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Yazar hakkında (1997)

Theodora Antonopoulou, D.Phil. (1995), University of Oxford, is Lecturer in Byzantine Literature at the University of Cyprus. She has held Research Fellowships at Dumbarton Oaks and Linacre College, Oxford, and has published various articles on Byzantine Literature.

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