Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution:: Including a Narrative of the Expedition of General Xavier Mina. : With Some Observations on the Practicability of Opening a Commerce Between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Through the Mexican Isthmus in the Province of Oaxaca, and at the Lake of Nicaragua; : and on the Future Importance of Such Commerce to the Civilized World, and More Especially to the United States

Ön Kapak
author. Lydia R. Bailey, printer., 1820 - 396 sayfa
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Sayfa 272 - I call upon the honour of your Lordships, to reverence the dignity of your ancestors, and to maintain your own; — I call upon the spirit and humanity of my country, to vindicate the national character; — I invoke the genius of the constitution. From the tapestry that adorns these walls, the immortal ancestor * of this noble Lord [Suffolk] frowns with indignation at the disgrace of his country.
Sayfa 272 - That God and nature have put into our hands !" What ideas of God and nature that noble Lord may entertain, I know not; but I know that such detestable principles are equally abhorrent to religion and humanity. What! to attribute the sacred sanction of God and nature to the massacres of the Indian scalping-knife ! to the cannibal savage torturing, murdering, devouring, drinking the blood of his mangled victims!
Sayfa 272 - to use all the means which God and nature have put into our hands." I am astonished, I am shocked, to hear such principles confessed ; to hear them avowed in this House or in this country.
Sayfa 271 - Lordship contended that, besides its policy and necessity, the measure was also allowable on principle ; for that " it was perfectly justifiable to use all the means that God and nature put into our hands /"] I am astonished ! (exclaimed Lord Chatham, as he rose), shocked! to hear such principles confessed — to hear them avowed in this House, or in this country ; principles equally unconstitutional, inhuman, and unchristian ! My Lords, I did not intend to have...
Sayfa 273 - I again implore those holy prelates of our religion, to do away these iniquities from among us. Let them perform a lustration ; let them purify this house, and this country, from this sin. My lords, I am old and weak, and at present unable to say more ; but my feelings and indignation were too strong to have said less. I could not have slept this night in my bed, nor reposed my head on my pillow, without giving this vent to my eternal abhorrence of such preposterous and enormous principles.
Sayfa 272 - These abominable principles, and this more abominable avowal of them, demand the most decisive indignation. " I call upon that Right Reverend and this most Learned Bench to vindicate the religion of their God — to support the justice of their country. I call upon the Bishops to interpose the unsullied Sanctity of their lawn; upon the Judges to interpose the purity of their ermine, to save us from this pollution.
Sayfa 273 - From the tapestry that adorns these walls, the immortal ancestor of this noble lord frowns with indignation at the disgrace of his country. In vain did he defend the liberty, and establish the religion of Britain against the tyranny of Rome, if these worse than Popish cruelties and inquisitorial practices are endured among us. To send forth the merciless cannibal thirsting for blood ! against whom ? — your protestant brethren ! To lay waste their country, to desolate their dwellings, and extirpate...
Sayfa 273 - America, endeared to us by every tie that can sanctify humanity. I solemnly call upon your Lordships, and upon every order of men in the state, to stamp upon this infamous procedure, the indelible stigma of public abhorrence. More particularly, I call upon the holy prelates of our religion, to do away this iniquity ; let them perform a lustration to purify the country from this deep and deadly sin.
Sayfa 273 - Spain armed herself with blood-hounds to extirpate the wretched natives of America; and...
Sayfa 264 - Antesana, to be shot ; and observing with complacency, from the balcony of his house, this iniquitous assassination, ferociously cried out to his troops not to shoot the victim in the head, as it was wanted to be stuck upon a pike ; and when it was severed from the body, the headless trunk was dragged through the streets, while at the same time the brutal soldiers were barbarously permitted to dispose at pleasure of the lives and property of the inhabitants during many successive days.

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