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veritatem denique amplectendam inclinet. Interim, dilecti filii, eos diligenter cavete, ipsorumque societatem respuite. Id vos, pro vestrâ erga nos, et sanctam hanc sedem fide, ac reverentiâ sedulo facturos rati, apostolicam vobis ipsis benedictionem permanenter impertimur. Datum Romæ apud S. Mariam Majorem sub annulo piscatoris die 7 septembris 1814. Pontificatûs nostri anno decimoquinto.


Anno à nativitate D. N.J. C. 1814 indictione 2 die vero 7 Septembris, Pontificatûs sanctissimi in Christo patris, et D. N. Domini Pii, divinâ providentiâ Papæ VII. Anno decimoquinto supradicto litteræ apostolicæ affixæ et publicatæ fuerunt ad valvas ecclesiæ Lateranen. et basilicæ Principis apostolorum cancellariæ apostolicæ, curiæ generalis in monte citatorio, et in acie campi Floræ , ac aliis locis solilis et consuetis urbis per me Steplianum Pozzi apostolicum cursorem.

FELIX CASTELLACCI, Mag. Curs. Rom: MDCCCXIV. apud Franciscum et Felicem Lazzarini.


No. IV.

To all our beloved Catholic Children residing

in Holland.


Beloved Children, Health and the Apostolical blessing

unto ye.

AMONGST the warmest Congratulations, which are sent to us from all parts upon our happy and prosperous return to the Apostolic see; whilst solemn thanksgivings are every where offered up to the great and good God for having appeased that most furious storm, which seemed ready not only to overwhelm the church, but all Europe : in the midst of the attentions of Catholic Bishops, by which they eagerly testify their service and obedience to us; behold a most unwelcome letter from Willebrord Van Os has been delivered to us; by which he has most insolently dared to apprize us, that he had been elected Archbishop of Utrecht on the tenth day of (1) February in this very year, and what is still more grievous, that he was on the 24th day of April consecrated by Gisbert de Yong , who assumes amongts his own people the title of Bishop of Daventry. This afilicting communicalion revived the most bitter remembrance of the Utrecht schism, and brought back to my mind, which had been intimately pierced with griefon that score, the unhappy issue of so many

appears not

(1) Not being apprized of the length of time, during which the vacancy of the pretended see of Utrecht had been vacant, when his llo. liness quitted Fontainebleau on the 234 of Jan. 1814, it unlikely, that similar precipitancy was used to force this election before his Holiness's arrival at Rome, as well as to procure the issuing of the rescript, on the 16th of the same month, upon which I have remarked in the foregoing letter.

same cause.

labours of our predecessors, and our own efforts, by which we have more than once endeavoured to extinguish it. But what most vehemently aggravates the crime of Willebrord, in itself intolerable, is, that artful and insidious stile of writing, in which imitating the hackneyed artifices of his predecessors or fellows, he has attempted to deceive or to coåks us. He professes in complimentary and studied terms his obsequiousness, towards this sec, and his personal veneration for us, and in fine casting himself at our feet, he craves of us the Apostolical benediction. But in the midst of the flattery of these empiy words, by his deeds he tramples on the rights of this sce, he openly violates the sanctions of the holy laws, he wickedly corrupts the venerable discipline of the church, and most insolently contemns the punishments so often imposed upon like delinquents for the

Under these circumstances, we should deservedly appear to be too wanting to the Apostolic duty, which, however unworthy, we are discharging, if we were to suffer to pass in silence and with impunity the crime of Willebrord, st. aggravated by the crimes of those, who by supplying him the means have been accessary to his commission of it. From the beacon therefore of this holy see we raise our voice, äccording to that, cry aloud, spare not, and to you beloved children, in whose sight these things so shamefully committed have happened, unquestionably not withont your execration, and at the same time to the universal church, committed unto us, by the divine Authority, we declare, and decree as well, that the election of the said Willebrord Van Os to be Archbishop of Utrecht, was unlawful, void and null, as that bis consecration was unlawful and sacrilegious, and made against the Authority of the sacred laws; and we excommunicate and amathematize the before-named Gisbert de Yong the consecrator, and the said Willebrord Van Os the elected and consec

secrated, and all thosc, who took any part in the said wicked election, and who in any manner gave their aid, consent or advice to forward the said election and consecration ; and to pronounce, constitute and ordain, that they be separated from the communion of the church, and holder


order ;

to be downright schismatics, and as such to be avoided. Besides declare the said Van Os to be suspended from the exercise of any thing, which belongs to jurisdiction, and to

and we therefore enjoin him under pain of excommuiication, ipso facto (instantly and without sentence ) without any declaration, that it will be incurred, uot upon any account to prepare the holy oils ( chrism), not to confèr the sacrament of confirmation, not to ordainc lerks, or to dare to exercise (or perform ) any act, which depends upon the Episcopal order : decrecing moreover all and singular other such acts , which he may presume to attempt, to be invalid, void and of no efficacy or consequence at all. But if any persons should be by him initiated into sacred Orders, let them know, that if they exercise the Orders they may have received, they are thereby brought under the bond of suspension, and liable to irregularity on that account.

The inviolable unity of the Catholic Church, the undisputed jurisdiction of the Apostolical Sce, and the desire of defending the holy laws and Ecclesiastical discipline against the assault of innovators, have forced us to this punishment of Willebrord Van Os, and his abbetors. How much more joyfully should we load them with Apostolic blessings, if repenting of their deed, they would cease to rend the seamless garment of Christ! What would our joy be, if it fell to our lot, to bring back the sheep strayed from the fold, and to heal the deadly diseases, under which they miserably labour. This we unceasingly implore from the heavenly chief of all Pastors, this same thing do we. my beloved children, ask also of him, that he may enlighten the minds of the refractory, that he may bend their stubborn will, soften their hardened heart, and in fine dispose them to embrace the Catholic truth. In the mean while, beloved children, be diligently aware of them, and avoid their society. Presuming, that you will faithfully comply with this from

your faith and reverence towards this holy see, we continually impart to you the Apostolic blessing. Given at Roine at St. Mary Major's, under the fisher's seal, on the 7th day of September 1814, in the 15th year of our Pontificate.


In the year from the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, 1814. Indict. 2; and on the 7th of September, and in the 15th year of the Pontificate of our most Holy father in Christ and our Lord

Pius VII. by divine Providence Pope, the above Apostolic letter was affixed and published at the doors of the Lateran Church, and of the Church of the Prince of Apostles, of our Apostolic Chancery, of our General Court on the Citation hill, and in the front of the field of Flora, and in the other usual and ordinary places of this city, by me Stephen Pozzi, Apostolic Cursitor.

Felix CASTELLACCI, Great Cursit.

At Rome, M,DCCC,XIV.

at Francis and Felix Lazzarini.

PARIS : Printed at the Eaglish Press, by NOUZOU, 9 Rne Clery.

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