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gent care that the missionaries bono eremplo sint ; et imprimis behave on all occasions with in- sacris officiis celebrandis, opportegrity and decorum, and thus tunisque institutionibus populo become good models to others; tradendis, atque infirmis opera and particularly that they be al- sua sublevandis praesto sint, ut waysready to celebrate the sacred a publicis otiosorum coetibus, et offices, to communicate proper in- cauponis omnimode caveant structions to the people , and to At potissimum ipsimet vicarii

, comfort the sick with their assis- omni qua possunt ratione, severe tance ; that they by all means tamen illos puniant, qui de pubavoid public assemblies of idle lico regimine cum honore sermomen, and taverns .


nem non habent. vicars themselves are particularly charged to punish in such manner as they can, but severely, all those who do not speak of the public government with respect.

England herself can wit- Testis autem Anglia ipsaness the deep-rooted impres- met esse potest quam alte sions such admonitions have istiusmodi monita in Catholimade on the minds of Catho- corum animis radicitus egerint. lics. It is well known, that In nupero enim, quo tota fere in the late war which had ex- America conflagravit bello, tended to the greater part of cum florentissimae provinciae, America, when most flourish- in quibus universa fere gens a ing provincesinhabited almost Catholica Ecclesia disjuncta entirely by persons separated immoratur, magnae Brittanfrom the Catholic Church, niae regis imperium abjecishad renounced the govern- sent, sola Canadensis provinment of the king of Great cia, quae Catholicis pene inBritain, the province of numeris constat, quamquam Canada alone, filled as it is callidis artibus tentata, atque with almost innumerable Ca. etiam aviti Gallorum domini tholics, although artfully haud immemor in obsequio tempted, and not yet forgetful tamen Anglorum perstitit of the old French government,

fidelissime. Haec vos, egregii remained most faithful in its antistites, crebris usurpate allegiance to England. Do sermonibus, haec episcopis you, most excellent prelates, suffraganeis vestris saepius in converse frequently on these memoriam revocate. Cum ad principles. Often remind your populum pro concione verba suffragan prelates of them. facitis, iterum atque iterum When preaching to your peo,

illum admonete, omnes honorple, exhort them again and are, fraternitatem diligere,


sees, mostly in the Ottoman dominions; and deriving their jurisdiction entirely from the Apostolical See, they are styled Vicars Apostolic or Apostolical Vicars. This is the case also in Scotland, Holland, and some other Protestant States.

If you


again, to honor all men, to love Deum timere, regem honorifithe brotherhood, to fear God, care. to honor the king. Those duties of a Christian

Quae quidem Christiani ho. are to be cherished in every minis officia cum in omni kingdom and state, but parti- regno, atque imperio colenda cularly in your own of Great sunt, tum maxime in istis Britain and Ireland, where, vestris Brittannico et Hiberfrom the benevolence of a nico, in quibus regis sapientismost wise king and other most simi, aliorumque praeclarissiexcellent rulers of those king- morum regni proconum ea est doms towards Catholics, no in Catholicos voluntas, ut non cruel and grievous burden is asperum, ac grave jugum imimposed, and Catholics them- ponant cervicibus vestris, sed selves experience a mild and leni, ac blando regimine ipsi gentle government.

etiam Catholici utantur. Hanc pursue this line of conduct agendi rationem si unanimes unanimously, if you act in the retinueritis, si omnia vestra spirit of charity, if, while you in charitate fiant, si id unum, direct the people of the Lord, respexeritis in regenda plebe you have nothing in view but Domini, salutem nimirum anithe salvation of souls, adver

verebuntur (iterum saries will be ashamed (we re- confirmamus) adversarii quidpeat it) to calumniate, and piam dicere de vobis, ultrowill freely acknowledge that que fatebuntur, Catholicam the Catholic faith is of hea- fidem non modo ad beatam venly descent, and calculated vitam assequendam, sed etiam not only to procure a blessed ut Divus Augustinus inquit life, but likewise, as St. Au- (Ep. 138,) in Epistola ad Margustine observes in his 138th cellinum, ad terrenae hujus letter addressed to Marcelli- civitatis firmissimam pacem, nus, to promote the most last- atque ad regnorum columen, ing peace of this earthly city, ac praesidium tutissimum a inasmuch as it is the safest coelo esse delapsam :-Qui prop and shield of kingdoms. Doctrinam Christi, verba sunt Let those who say (the words S. Doctoris, adversam dicunt are those of the holy doctor) esse reipublicae, dent exercitum that the doctrine of Christ is talem, quales doctrina Christi hostile to the republic

, produce esse milites jussit; dent tales an army of such soldiers as the provinciales, tales maritos, tales doctrine of Christ has required; conjuges, tales parentes, tales let them furnish such inhabi- filios, tales dominos, tales servos, tants of provinces, such hus- tales reges, tales judices, tales · bands, such wives, such parents, denique debitorum redditores, such children, such masters, et exactores ipsius fisci, quales such servants, such kings, such esse praecipit doctrina Chrisjudges, finally, such payers of tiana et audeant eam dicere

debts, and collectors of the re- adversam esse reipublicae ; imo venue, as the doctrine of Christ vero non dubitent eam confienjoins ; and then they may teri magnam, si ei obtemperedare to assert that it is inimical tur, salutem esse reipublicae. to the republic: rather let them Hujus porro salutaris docnot hesitate to acknowledge, that trinae constantem, ac firmam it is, when practised, of great integritatem nonnisi in Cathoadvantage to the republic. The lica societate consistere, ac same holy doctor, and all the vigere, quae videlicet commuother fathers of the Church with nione cum romana sede velut one voice most clearly demon- sacro unitatis vinculo divinistrate by invincible arguments, tus adstricta per totum orbem that the whole of this salutary diffunditur, ac sustentatur, doctrine cannot exist with idem S. Doctor, caeterique permanent consistency and unanimi consensu ecclesiae stability; or flourish, except patres invictis plane arguin the Catholic society, which mentis apertissime demonis spread and preserved all strant. Deus optimus maxiover the world by cominunion mus vos inculumes diutissime with the See of Rome as a servet quemadmodum enixe sacred bond of union divinely optamur pro summo nostro connecting both. From our erga vos studio ac voluntate. very high esteem and affection Valete, for you, we earnestly wish that the great God may very long preserve you safe. Farewell. Rome, 23 June, 1791.

Romae, 23 Junii, 1791. As your Lordships' most Amplitudinum vestrarum uti affectionate brother,

frater studiosissimus, L. Cardinal Antonelli, L. Cardinalis Antonellus, Prefect.

Praefectus. A. Archbishop Adanen, A. Archiepiscopus Adanen, Secretary.

Secretarius. To the Lords Archbishops Dominis Archiepiscopis of the Kingdom of Ireland.

Regni Hiberniae. From an audience had of His Ex audientia sanctissimi haHoliness on the gth day of

bita die 9 Junii, 1791. June, 1791. The archbishops metropo

Archiepiscopi metropolitani litans of the kingdom of Ire- totius regni Hiberniae Sancland represented to His Holi- tissimo domino exposuerunt ness, that from the ignorance quorumdam inscitia vel impro

, or malice of some persons,

bitate in alienum sensum certain expressions in the form detorqueri quasdam voces, of the oath prescribed in the

quae reperiuntur in formula


Roman Ritual to be taken by juramenti ab episcopis in bishops at their consecra- eorum consecratione, atque tion, and by archbishops ab archiepiscopis in receptione

receiving the Pall, Pallii, juxta rituale Romanum have been misinterpreted, praestandi, atque propterea which has added new per- cum praeter eas difficultates, plexities to those which they quae in regno,in quo Catholica daily experience in a kingdom fides non dominatur, quotidie where the Catholic faith is occurrunt, in novas etiam connot the religion of the state : jiciantur. Unde quatenus Wherefore, they humbly re- Sanctitati suae opportunum quested, if it should appear videatur, demisse petere, ut expedient to his Holiness, aliqua apostolicae providenthat he would vouchsafe to tiae ratione consulere dignetur. apply a remedy by some act Sanctitas sua ad mei infraof his apostolical vigilance. scripti relationem, rebus omniHis Holiness, on this report bus mature perpensis, benigne being made to him by me the indulsit, ut episcopi regni underwritten, all circumstan- Hiberniae in eorum consecraces of the case maturely con- tione, atque archiepiscopi in sidered, wasgraciously pleased receptione Pallii ea utantur to grant that the bishops of juramenti formula, qua ejusthe kingdom of Ireland at dem Sanctitatis suæ permissu, their consecration, and the archiepiscopus Mohiloviensis archbishops on receiving the usus est in Imperio Moscorum, Pall, may use the same form quae est hujusmodi. of oath, which was taken by the archbishop of Mohilow2 in the empire of the Moscovites by permission of his said Holiness; which is as follows :

I, N.N., &c., as in the Ego, N.N., prout in pontiRoman Pontifical to the clause ficali Romano usque ad clauAll Heretics, Schismatics, and sulam-Hereticos,schismaticos, Rebels against our said lord, et rebelles, eidem domino nostro, and his successors aforesaid, I vel successoribus praedictis, pro will, to the utmost of my power, posse persequar,et impugnabo— prosecute and opposed_which quae penitus omittitur. Pos

Pall is a sacred ornament peculiar to Archbishops, sent to them by the Pope as a symbol of metropolitical jurisdiction. Pope St. Gregory the Great mentions it in a letter to all the Illyrian bishops, lib. ii. Epist. and xxii. letter; also ibid. xxiii. letter, vol iii. edit Paris, 1714, where he says, “ that he sent the Pall to Archbishop John according to custom, de More.” St. Gregory died in 604. John III., elected Pope in 560, in his letter to Edaldus, Archbishop of Vienna, mentions the Pall in like manner. Ibid. The figure of the Pall is conspicuous in the primatial arms of the Protestant metropolitans of Armagh and Dublin.

2 Mohilow was erected into an archbishopric, with a chapter, by the present Pope [Pius VI.] The first archbishop, Stanislaus Siestrzencewez, was appointed in a consistory at Rome, 21st December, 1783, and is still [1793] living. • Bishop of Cloyne's translation.


is entirely omitted. After- tea verba haec-Cardinalem wards the wordsthe Cardi- Praefectum Sacrae Congreganal Prefect of the Sacred Con- tionis propagandae fidei praegregation for propagating the positæ sufficiuntur verbis--CarFaith, are substituted instead dinalem proponentem in Conof the Cardinal Ponent in the gregatione Sacri Concilii.Congregation of the Sacred Formula hisce verbis terminCouncil. The form concludes atur:-Haec omnia, et singula with these words :-I will eo inviolabilius observabo, quo observe all and every one of certior sum nihil in illis conthese things the more inviolably; tineri, quod fidelitati meae as I am firmly convinced that erga serenissimum magnae there is nothing contained in Brittanniae et Hiberniae rethem, which can be contrary to

gem, ejusque ad thronum sucthe fidelity I owe to the most cessores

debitae adversari serene king of Great Britain possit. Sic me Deus adjuvet, and Ireland, and to his succes- et haec sancta Dei Evangelia. sors to the throne.

So help me Ita promitto, et spopondo. God and those holy Gospels of God. And thus I promise and engage. I, N.N., Archbishop, or

Ego, N.N., Archiepiscopus Bishop, &c.

vel Episcopus, &c. Dated at Rome, in the house

Datum Romae ex Ædibus of the said Sacred Congrega- praefatae Sacrae Congregation, the 23rd day of June, tionis hac die 23 Junii, 1791. 1791. L. Cardinal Antonelli, L. Cardinalis Antonellus, Prefect,

Praefectus. A. Archbishop Adanen, A. Archiepiscopus Adanen, Secretary


Locus [SEAL.]


The above interesting documents need no comment. We defy the ingenuity of bigotry and prejudice to urge any solid objection to the consecration oath of Roman Catholic bishops, after the full and candid explanation of it from such high and competent authority, which has, notwithstanding, condescended, for the sake of peace, to expunge the clause in it which gave most offence, because it was the least understood.

(To be continued.)

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