Three Deaths and Enlightenment Thought: Hume, Johnson, Marat

Ön Kapak
Bucknell University Press, 2001 - 219 sayfa
"The book also looks at the response of James Boswell, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and Edward Gibbon to the deathbed projects of Hume and Johnson, and it discusses how their political thought differs from Johnson's and Hume's. It also considers the complex relations between reformist and transformist thought in Britain during the last three decades of the century, showing how the views of the two reformist groups and of such transformist writers as Richard Price, Joseph Priestley, and Thomas Paine were affected by a number of political events, from the Wilkes crisis to the French Revolution. Though the book focuses on Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment thought, it often refers to the French Enlightenment, and the chapter on Marat looks at the connection between transformist thought in Britain and France."--BOOK JACKET.

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The Cult of the Deathbed Scene
The Death of Hume
The Death of Johnson
The Death of Marat
The Varieties of Enlightenment Thought

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