British Synonymy: Or, An Attempt at Regulating the Choice of Words in Familiar Conversation, 1-2. ciltler

Ön Kapak
W. Porter, 1794 - 516 sayfa

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Sayfa 315 - From harmony, from heavenly harmony, This universal frame began : When Nature underneath a heap of jarring atoms lay, And could not heave her head, The tuneful voice was heard from high. Arise ye more than dead. Then cold and hot, and moist and dry, In order to their stations leap, And music's power obey. From harmony, from heavenly harmony, This universal frame began : From harmony to harmony Through all the compass of the notes it ran, The diapason closing full in man.
Sayfa 199 - Ten cenfure wrong, for one who writes amifs ; A fool might once himfelf alone expofe, Now one in verfe makes many more in profe. Tis with our judgments as our watches, none Go juft alike, yet each believes his own.
Sayfa 262 - There is no man whose imagination does not sometimes predominate over his reason, who can regulate his attention wholly by his will, and. whose ideas will come and go at his command. No man will be found in whose mind airy notions do not sometimes tyrannize, and force him to hope or fear beyond the limits of sober probability.
Sayfa 380 - Pretty ! in amber to observe the forms Of hairs, or straws, or dirt, or grubs, or worms ! The things, we know, are neither rich nor rare, But wonder how the devil they got there.
Sayfa 515 - Night primaeval and of Chaos old ! Before her, Fancy's gilded clouds decay, And all its varying rainbows die away. Wit shoots in vain its momentary fires, The meteor drops, and in a flash expires. As one by one, at dread Medea's strain, The sick'ning stars fade off th' ethereal plain ; As Argus
Sayfa 19 - If, in good days, like these, the headstrong herd Grow madly wanton and repine ; it is Because the reins of power are held too slack, And reverend authority, of late, Has worn a face of mercy more than justice. Glost. Beshrew my heart ! but you have well divined The source of these disorders.
Sayfa 37 - These Aldus printed, those Du Sueil has bound. Lo, some are vellum, and the rest as good For all his Lordship knows, but they are wood. For Locke or Milton 'tis in vain to look, These shelves admit not any modern book.
Sayfa 442 - I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." Babylon is further declared to be "that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.
Sayfa 134 - Can'ft, from thy exhauflkfs ftore, Bid a tide of forrow flow, And whelm the foul in deepeft woe : Or in the twinkling of an eye, Raife it to mirth and jollity. Dreams and fhadows by thee ftand, Taught to run at thy command, And along the wanton air, Flit like empty Goffimcr.
Sayfa 309 - Well tried through many a varying year, See Levett to the grave descend, Officious, innocent, sincere, Of every friendless name the friend.

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