Kierkegaard and the Treachery of Love

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Cambridge University Press, 2002 - 222 sayfa
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This is a major study of Kierkegaard and love. Amy Laura Hall explores Kierkegaard's description of love's treachery, difficulty, and hope, reading his Works of Love as a text that both deciphers and complicates the central books in his pseudonymous canon: Fear and Trembling, Repetition, Either/Or, and Stages on Life's Way. In all of these works, the characters are, as in real life, complex and incomplete, and the conclusions are perplexing. Hall argues that a spiritual void brings each text into being, and her interpretation is as much about faith as about love. In a style that is both scholarly and lyrical, she intimates answers to some of the puzzles, making a poetic contribution to ethics and the philosophy of religion.

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The call to confession in Kierkegaards Works of Love
Provoking the question deceiving ourselves in Fear and Trembling
The poet the vampire and the girl in Repetition with Works of Love
The married man as master thief in EitherOr
Seclusion and disclosure in Stages on Lifes Way
On the way
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Amy Laura Hall is Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics at The Divinity School, Duke University, North Carolina.

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