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offer, and for Your GRACE to receive.

At the same

time it affords me an additional pleasure in giving me an

opportunity of acknowledging publicly my obligations to Your Grace for favours great in themselves, but made much greater by your handsome manner of conferring them, unsolicited, unalked, unexpected. I will not say undeferved, because that would be calling Your GRACE's judgment in question ; but I will endeavour to deserve

them : and indeed I should think any preferment ill be

stowed upon me, that did not incite and animate me more

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to profecute my studies, and thereby to prove myself

more worthy of Your Grace's favour and kindness to,

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0:r Saviour's prophecies relating to the ditruction of Je




p. I-26.

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Prophecies and miracles continued longer in the Jewish

church than in the Christian, and why, 1. No Chrifa tian prophecies recorded, but some of our Saviour and his apostles, particularly St Paul and St John, 2. A short summary of our Saviour's prophecies, 2. None more remarkable than those relating to the destruction of Jerusalem, which were written and published seve. ral years before that event, 3. Our Saviour's tender. ness and affection for his country shown in his lamenting and weeping over Jerusalem, 5. The magnifi. cence of the temple, and particularly the prodigious size of the stones, 6. The total and utter destruction of the city and temple foretold, and both destroyed accordingly, 7. The purport of the disciples question and the phrases of the coming of Christ and of the end of the world, shown to signify the destruction of Jerufalem, 9. The disciples ask two things, first the time of the destruction of Jerusalem, and secondly the figns of it; our Saviour answers the last first, 10. False Christs the first sign, 11. The next signs wars and rumours of wars, 13. Nation rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, 13. Famines, pestilences,


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p. 46-68.

The final destruction of Jerusalem foretold in very figui-

rative language, 49. The like figures used by the an-
cient prophets, 49. The same figurative file in the
following verses, 50. Dr Warburton's account of this
figurative language, 51. The number of those who
fell by the edge of the sword, 53. An account of those
who were led away captive into all nations, 54. Jeru-
falem trodden down of the Gentiles, 55. A deduction

of the history of Jerufalem from the destruction by Ti-

tus to the present time, 56. Its ruined and desolate

state under Vefpafian and Titus, 56. Rebuilt by A.

drian, and the Jews rebellion thereupon, and final

difperfion, p. 57.

Repaired by Conftantine, and a-

dorned with many stately edifices and churches, with


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