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by unworthy motives, and which he who is addressed may justly receive, as a portion of that wellearned reputation which has been acquired almost by universal consent.

The acknowledged value of those public services, by which the British nation has so long been benefited, would render any detail on the present occasion altogether superfluous: nor is it necessary, for the same reason, either to enlarge upon that intimate acquaintance with the principles of the British constitution, which is so essential in a great public functionary; or the inflexible integrity, unwearied activity, commanding eloquence, and dignified independence of character, which have been displayed by you in the distinguished and arduous station you have so long occupied.

It is, however, with particular reference to the line of conduct pursued by you on the great and vital question of the Catholic Claims, that it

ap: peared impossible to select any character to whom a work like the present could with more propriety be presented.

In what manner the following attempt may have been executed, will remain for others to decide; among whose opinions, that which may be entertained by yourself (as it will be founded upon an accurate perception of truth, and guided by the desire of arriving at a just conclusion), will hold no inconsiderable rank in the estimation of,

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The Numerals refer to the Volume, the Figures to the Page, and the * f I to


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