Liturgical Renewal as a Way to Christian Unity

Ön Kapak
Liturgical Press, 2005 - 232 sayfa
Since Vatican II, the Catholic Church and Christian churches overall have undergone a liturgical renewal. In Liturgical Renewal as a Way to Christian Unity, Fr. James F. Puglisi explores the questions of whether these renewals have anything in common, and whether they bring the different churches and ecclesial communions into contact. A compilation of essays from experts within their own traditions, Liturgical Renewal as a Way to Christian Unity not only explores these questions but also brings to light the great strides Christian churches have made toward the unity of the church. The authors share the knowledge, experience, and pain they encountered as they led their own traditions to a renewed liturgical experience and a closer unity. Discussing worship and ecumenism, two aspects of church life not often articulated together, Liturgical Renewal as a Way to Christian Unity is a unique and insightful resource for anyone interested in their practical interaction.

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Sayfa 13 - O Almighty God, who out of the mouths of babes and sucklings hast ordained strength, and madest infants to glorify thee by their deaths...
Sayfa ix - This Church constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him, although many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside of its visible structure.
Sayfa 6 - We beseech thee also to save and defend all Christian kings, princes, and governors ; and especially thy servant Victoria our queen, that under her we may be godly and quietly governed...
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