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The doctrines of the ancient church of the Waldenses have been so often misrepresented by adversaries, that its pastors have felt the necessity of publishing, from time: to time, authentic documents relative to their faith. Extracts of an early Confession of Faith, have been already produced in a former part of this volume ; * and a comparison there instituted appears to prove, that the more recent Confession of the church of England in her 39 articles, not only corresponds with, but was in part formed


the model of, the more ancient document of the Waldenses ;-the very people who had preserved primitive christian truth pure and unadulterated, during ages when the greater part of Europe had submitted to the despotism, and embraced the newly-invented dogmas of the church of Rome.

The following document, found amongst the MSS. of the late moderator, will furnish new proof that the descendants of the ancient Vaudois still maintain those truths for which their forefathers endured so many cala

Appendix, pp. 142–146.

mitous persecutions; and the intelligent reader will perceive, that, like the former, it coincides with all the principal doctrines of the reformed churches, and of the church of England as explained in her 39 articles.



1. Credimus Deum esse unum, unitate numericâ, et hâc voce intelligimus essentiam (solar) spiritualem, æternam, infinitam, summoperè sapientem, misericordem, et justissimani, uno verbo perfectissimam, et in eâ simplici essentiâ esse tres personas, (UTOOTAGEIC) nimirum, Patrem, Filium, et Spiritum Sanctum.

II. Credimus illum Deum, hominibus se manifestàsse operibus suis, tam creationis quam providentiæ, et verbo suo, revelato initio diversis modis, (Tolvuepws kai volutpotwc) scripto, redacto in libris qui dicuntur Sacra Scriptura.

III. Credimus recipiendam esse, sicut recipimus, hanc sacram scripturam tanquam divinam et canonicam, id est, ut regulam fidei nostræ, et morum, et contineri in libris Veteris et Novi Testamenti: in libris Veteris Testamenti contineri solummodo libros quos Deus commisit ecclesiæ

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