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H3 18449 v.t

Eistereu, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1844, by

Harper & BROTHERS,
In the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of New-York.


The editor of this fourth volume of the works of the Rev. Robert Hall would only detain the reader for a few moments from the perusal of what, it is hoped, will prove equally pleasing and useful.

My friend, the late Dr. Olinthus Gregory, contemplated the publication of an additional volume of the works of this distinguished preacher, which was to have comprised about thirty sermons; his removal from earth prevented the accomplishment

of his purpose.

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It has happened, however, that gentlemen who possessed notes of his pulpit productions, either copied from his own manuscripts, or taken in shorthand on their delivery, have, in various periodical and other publications, presented them to the world. The law of copy-right prevents these sermons being readily collected together and published in England; but in this country they can be printed uniform with the other volumes of his works, and American Christians may enjoy a privilege withheld from their brethren in Europe.

In addition to the various periodicals to which he has been largely indebted for the materials composing this volume, the editor would acknowledge the valuable publications of the Rev. T. Grinfield, M.A., and John Greene, Esq. ; nor would he omit an expression of his gratitude to the Rev. James Milnor, D.D., of this city, who kindly furnished a copy of the sermons originally reported by the present Bishop of Calcutta, the editor's copy, by an accident, being left in England.

The Reminiscences by Mr. Greene will be highly interesting to the reader. To use the language of Tait's Magazine on their first publication, " This is a specimen of the most pleasing kind of biography, the reminiscences of an attached friend. With the genius of Hall everybody was acquainted; but here we have him in his native, simple, homely, hearty character, a fine example of the dissenting clergymen of England, a body of men who have done more to bring knowledge, temporal and eternal, home to the bosoms of the community, and to keep alive the flame of civil and religious liberty, than any other in the state.”



Very many who knew Mr. Hall have united with the editor of the Evangelical Magazine in saying, " Mr. Greene has again and again placed us in his company, and made us feel a second time what it has been our happiness, more than once, to feel in intercourse with the deceased. The large majority of conversations introduced speak for themselves. They cannot be a forgery; and where is the man, then (we pity him if he has an existence), who would consent, on any ground whatever, to lose so many precious memorials of one on whom the admiration of Christendom is now so intensely fixed ?

In collecting, revising, and arranging the materials composing this volume, the editor has had regard to the high reputation of the preacher on the one hand, and has endeavoured, on the other, to preserve a uniformity in style and spirit with the volumes printed under the superintendence of Dr. Gregory. His task has involved more labour than he first supposed it would do; but he has been amply repaid in the result—the production of volume for which he trusts many thousands will be grateful to the Father of lights, and which shall tend to increase and perpetuate the usefulness of his honoured friend.

It is quite possible that the critical reader may observe some slight inaccuracies in several of the reports of these sermons. This arises, in part at least, from the exceeding rapidity of Mr. Hall's delivery. He, however, who can read the volume in the spirit which would deprive him of the profit he might derive from it, would resemble the man whom Mr. Hall censures for examining his food with a microscope instead of eating it.

It will be observed that occasional notes are introduced by way of illustration or confirmation. Where these have been borrowed, the names of their authors have been appended; for those with the initial B., the editor himself must be held responsible.

Earnestly praying that this volume may be acceptable to the Great Head of the Christian Church, and to the various sections which compose that great and holy community, the editor cheerfully retires, affording the reader an opportunity to gratify the noblest and most refined tastes he can possess.

JOSEPH BELCHER. New-York, April 5, 1844.

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XXVII. Duty of Believers to maintain good Works


XXVIII. Citizenship and Conduct of Christians .


XXIX. Gospel Conduct


XXX. The Beatitude of Mourners


XXXI. The Beatitude of the Pure in Heart


XXXII. The Christian Warfare


XXXIII. Distinguishing Properties of Spiritual Life


XXXIV. Misery attendant on Vice ..


XXXV. The Hypocrite's Inconstancy in Prayer explained 290

XXXVI. Covelousness



· 297

XXXVIII. The Remembrance of Sin

. 301

XXXIX. Reasons for a Judgment to come

XL. Character of the Judgment to come


XLI. Remembrance in Youth of Judgment to come 311

XLII. The Christian's Preference of Heavenly Riches . 314

XLIII. Reasons for seeking the Things above .


XLIV. Heavenly-mindedness


XLV. Meetness for Heaven


XLVI. End of the Upright Man


XLVII. The Heavenly Assembly


XLVIII. Present Sufferings contrasted with future Glory . 353

XLIX. Strength in Trials


L. Abraham and Lot


LI. The Character of Balaam


LII. Early Piety exemplified in Abijah


LIII. David's Charge to Solomon


LIV. The Solemn Engagement .


LV. Features of the Apostolic Church


LVI. Condition of the Apostolic Churches

. 396

LVII. Confirmation of the Disciples

. 398

LVIII. Contention between Barnabas and Paul

. 403

LIX. The Foundation laid in Zion . .

. 406

LX. The Saying worthy of all Acceptation


LXI. Christ the Object of Trust to the Gentiles


LXII. Grounds of Confidence in the Saviour's Ability 425

LXIII. Invitation of Christ to Sinners


LXIV. Ends proposed in the Sufferings of Christ


LXV. The Preaching of the Cross.


LXVI. Friendship between Christ and Believers .


LXVII. Joy of the Disciples on the Resurrection of their Lord 451

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