Curiosities of Literature, 4. cilt

Ön Kapak
Riverside Press, 1864

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Sayfa 429 - Busy, curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I ; Freely welcome to my cup, Couldst thou sip and sip it up. Make the most of life you may ; Life is short, and wears away. " Both alike are mine and thine, Hastening quick to their decline ; Thine's a summer, mine no more, Though repeated to threescore ; Threescore summers, when they're gone, Will appear as short as one.
Sayfa 82 - Abstract liberty, like other mere abstractions, is not to be found. Liberty inheres in some sensible object ; and every nation has formed to itself some favourite point, which by way of eminence becomes the criterion of their happiness. It happened, you know, sir, that the great contests for freedom in this country were from the earliest times chiefly upon the question of taxing.
Sayfa 92 - No, sir ; let it alone. It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time.
Sayfa 395 - God forbid, should not do your duties in contributing what the state at this time needs, I must, in discharge of my conscience, use those other means which God hath put into my hands, to save that, which the follies of some particular men may otherwise hazard to lose.
Sayfa 235 - That afternoon, by signs, she called for her council, and by putting her hand to her head, when the King of Scots was named to succeed her, they all knew he was the man she desired should reign after her.
Sayfa 89 - The tranquil grandeur which cast a new majesty over Charles the First on the scaffold, appeared when he declared, " I fear not death ! Death is not terrible to me !" And the characteristic pleasantry of Sir Thomas More exhilarated his last moments, when, observing the weakness of the scaffold, he said, in mounting it, " I pray you, see me up safe, and for my coming down, let me shift for myself!
Sayfa 286 - For, though the making of laws is entirely the work of a distinct part, the legislative branch of the sovereign power, yet the manner, time, and circumstances of putting those laws in execution must frequently be left to the discretion of the executive magistrate.
Sayfa 204 - His wife had not wholly escaped his memory ; he had forgot her, — he had recollected her, — but so recollected her, as more strongly to mark how little he esteemed her ; he had already (as it is vulgarly expressed) cut her off, not indeed with a shilling, but with an old bed."l Steevens, amongst many faults of taste, has the good sense and the good feeling to deny the inferences of Malone in this matter of the " old bed." He considers this bequest " a mark of peculiar tenderness;" and he assumes...
Sayfa 332 - The kite being raised, a considerable time elapsed before there was any appearance of its being electrified. One very promising cloud had passed over it without any effect; when, at length, just as he was beginning to despair of his contrivance, he observed some loose threads of the hempen string to stand erect, and to avoid one another, just as if they had been suspended on a common conductor.
Sayfa 333 - Continuity, his singular sagacity enabled him to predict a discovery which afterwards was realized — he imagined the necessary existence of the polypus! It has been remarked of NEWTON, that several of his slight hints, some in the modest form of queries, have been ascertained to be predictions, and among others that of the inflammability of the diamond ; and many have been eagerly seized upon as indisputable axioms. A hint at the close of his optics, that ' If natural philosophy should be continued...

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