A new and general biographical dictionary, 8. cilt

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Sayfa 490 - myfelf." After his prayers were ended, he turned to the executioner, and faid with a chearful countenance, " Pluck" «' up thy fpirits, man, and be not afraid to do thine office. " My neck is very fhort; take heed, therefore, thou
Sayfa 558 - and there likewife be fet on the pillory " for the fpacc of two hours,* between the hours of eleven " and one on Saturday next, in each place wearing a paper, " containing an infcription of his crimes. And that at the
Sayfa 385 - from a caufe in nature unchangeable, " hindering, and ever likely to hinder, the main benefits of " conjugal fociety, which are folace and peace, is a greater *' reafon of divorce than natural frigidity ; efpecially if there
Sayfa 289 - juft mentioned; and it is as follows: In the fame grave Fletcher was buried, here Lies the ftage-poet Philip Maffinger. Plays they did write together, were great friends, And now one grave includes them at their ends. So whom on earth nothing did part, beneath Here in their fames they lie, in fpite of death.
Sayfa 387 - who have the power, to call to account a tyrant or wicked king, and after due convi-ftion to depofe and put him to death, if the ordinary
Sayfa 292 - and of feveral remarkable curiofities therein occurring. Together with, i. Obfervations upon the nature, the number, and the operations of the devils. 2. A fhort narrative of a late outrage committed by a knot of witches in Swedeland, very much
Sayfa 383 - The force of nature could no further go, " To make a third, fhe joined the other two." From Florence he pafled through
Sayfa 377 - in the worft MS now extant: nor is one article of faith " or moral precept either perverted or loft in them ; chufe " as aukwardly as you can, chufe the worft by defign, out " of the whole lump of readings. But the
Sayfa 12 - 1. a year, which was procured for him by the lord Mordaunt, afterwards earl of Monmouth, and next of Peterborough. About the fame time he was offered to go abroad in a public character; and it was left to his choice, whether he would be envoy at the court of the emperor, that of the
Sayfa 487 - merry with them. Sir Thomas perceiving, by this fondnefs, that he .could not once a month get leave to go home to his wife and children, or be abfent from court two days together, began

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