A Catalogue of Theological Books in Foreign Languages: Including the Sacred Writings: Fathers Doctors of the Church, Schoolmen and Ecclesiastical Historians to the Death of Boniface VIII, AD 1303; Jewish and Rabbinical Commentators; Works of the Reformers and of More Recent Divines; Liturgies, Rituals and Liturgical Literature, Councils, Synods and Confessions, Monastic History and Rule; Canon Law, Church Polity and Discipline; Hebrew and Syriac Literature Etc. on Sale

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David Nutt, 1857 - 701 sayfa

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Sayfa 297 - ANCIENT LAWS AND INSTITUTES OF WALES; comprising Laws supposed to be enacted by Howel the Good ; modified by subsequent Regulations under the Native Princes, prior to the Conquest by Edward the First ; and anomalous Laws, consisting principally of Institutions which, by the Statute of Ruddlan, were admitted to continue in force. With an English Translation of the Welsh Text. To which are added, a few Latin Transcripts, containing Digests of the Welsh Laws, principally of the Dimetian Code. With Indices...
Sayfa 18 - It is a work which manifests the most intimate and profound knowledge of Scripture, and which, if we examine it with care, will often be found to condense more matter into a line than can be extracted from many pages of other writers.
Sayfa 43 - Nouvelle bibliothèque des Auteurs ecclésiastiques. Contenant l'histoire de leur vie, le catalogue, la critique, et la chronologie de leurs ouvrages.
Sayfa 373 - Britannicae, or the several Editions of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, from its compilation to the last revision, together with the Liturgy set forth for the use of the Church of Scotland, arranged to shew their respective variations. By WILLIAM KEELING, BD, late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition. 8vo. 12».
Sayfa 297 - Kings, from jEthelbirht to Cnut, with an English Translation of the Saxon ; the Laws called Edward the Confessor's ; the Laws of William the Conqueror, and those ascribed to Henry the First ; also, Monumenta Ecclesiastica Anglicana, from the 7th to the 10th century ; and the Ancient Latin Version of the Anglo-Saxon Laws ; with a compendious Glossary,, &c.
Sayfa 60 - Philosophy ; a golden volume not unworthy of the leisure of Plato or Tully, but which claims incomparable merit from the barbarism of the times and the situation of the author.
Sayfa 423 - Trevoux" speak not improperly of this work when they say that " it ought to be considered, not as a simple collection of memoirs relating to monastic history, but as a valuable compilation of ancient monuments ; which, being illustrated by learned notes, give a great light to the most obscure part of ecclesiastical history. " The prefaces alone>" say they, " would secure to the author an immortal reputation.
Sayfa 78 - I hold the memory of Calvin in high veneration ; his works have a place in my library ; and in the study of the Holy Scriptures he is one of the commentators I most frequently consult* — Bishop Hartley.
Sayfa 67 - As in every monastery there was some curious mind fond of noting the great incidents of his day, every country in Europe has such chronicles. But I think with Dr. Henry, that, upon the whole, our annalists are superior to those of any other nation at this period. Such a series of regular chronology and true incident; such faithful, clear, and ample materials for authentic history, have scarcely appeared before the public. Nothing could be more contemptible as compositions ; nothing could be more...

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