Avicenna and His Heritage: Acts of the International Colloquium Leuven-Louvain-la-Neuve, September 8-September 11, 1999

Ön Kapak
Jules L. Janssens, D. De Smet
Leuven University Press, 2002 - 341 sayfa
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Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna, may be considered to be a major figure of the history of Arabo-Islamic philosophy, medicine and science. His influence was substantial and enduring, not only in the Islamic world, but also in medieval Christian-Latin and Jewish circles. This volume includes contributions of eminent scholars in very different fields of Avicenna's thought and influence.

New insights are offered inter alia on the different ways of reception of his philosophy in the Islamic East or, more specifically, in Isma'ili thought, or in the great Shi'ite Iranian thinker, i.e., Mullah Sadra; on a recently—thus far unknown—treatise on ethics; on the phenomenon of pseudepigraphica related to Avicenna; on several innovative ideas in Avicenna's logic, physics, metaphysics and zoology; on the difficult issue of hendyades in the Avicenna Latinus; on Albert the Great's probable knowledge of Avicenna's Preface to the latter's opus magnum; on William of Auvergne's and Duns Scotus' critical use of Avicennian ideas in several aspects of their philosophy; on the significance of Avicenna for such particular doctrines as that of relation in Henry of Ghent or of evil in Thomas of Aquinas; on Avicenna's direct or indirect influence on medieval Jewish philosophy, and, more particularly, on Maimonides; on the place of Avicenna's medical thought in the Arabo-Islamic tradition and on the way it was dealt with in medieval Europe. Herewith, a serious basis is laid for a better understanding of Avicenna's thought and its spread.


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DANIEL DE SMET Avicenne et Fismaelisme postfatimide selon
BEKIR KARLIGA Un nouveau traite dethique dIbn STna inconnu
GOTTHARD STROHMAIER Avicenne et le phenomene des ecrits
MIKLOS MAROTH Stylistics in Ibn STnas Philosophy
The Golden Age
CECILE BONMARIAGE Lintellection comme identification Mulla
particularites dune traduction
AMOS BERTOLACCI Albert the Great and the Preface of Avicennas
CARLOS STEEL Avicenna and Thomas Aquinas on Evil
A Source of
JEANMICHEL COUNET Avicenne et son influence sur la pensee
THERESEANNE DRUART Avicennas Influence on Duns Scotus
MAURO ZONTA Avicenna in Medieval Jewish Philosophy
IDIT DOBBSWEINSTEIN Maimonides Reticence toward Ibn STna
DANIELLE JACQUART Lectures universitaires du Canon dAvi
Telif Hakkı

ROLAND TESKE William of Auvergnes Debt to Avicenna

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