The works of Virgil, tr. into Engl. verse by mr. Dryden. Carey, 4. cilt

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Sayfa 7 - Prefix'd by fate's irrevocable doom, When the great Mother of the Gods was free To save her ships, and finish Jove's decree. First, from the quarter of the morn, there sprung...
Sayfa 43 - Heaps of spent arrows fall, and strew the ground ; And helms, and shields, and rattling arms, resound. The combat thickens, like the storm that flies From westward, when the...
Sayfa 102 - Then, as a hungry lion, who beholds A gamesome goat who frisks about the folds, Or beamy stag that grazes on the plain — He runs, he roars, he shakes his rising mane; • He grins, and opens wide his greedy jaws : The prey lies panting underneath his paws : He fills his famish'd maw ; his mouth runs o'er With unchew'd morsels, while he churns the gore...
Sayfa 220 - Cast round her eyes, distracted with her fear : — No troops of Turnus in the field appear. Once more she stares abroad, but still in vain, And then concludes the royal youth is slain. Mad with her anguish, impotent to bear 875 The mighty grief, she loaths the vital air.
Sayfa 42 - From this beginning date the Julian line. To thee, to them, and their victorious heirs, The conquer'd war is due, and the vast world is theirs. Troy is too narrow for thy name.
Sayfa 26 - Of tramping coursers, and the riders' voice. The sound approach'd; and suddenly he view'd The foes inclosing, and his friend pursued, Forelaid and taken, while he strove in vain The shelter of the friendly shades to gain. What should he next attempt? what arms employ, What fruitless force, to free the captive boy?
Sayfa 14 - This thy request is cruel and unjust. But if some chance- as many chances are, And doubtful hazards, in the deeds of war — If one should reach my head, there let it fall, And spare thy life; I would not perish all.
Sayfa 28 - Gush'd out a purple stream, and stain'd the ground. His snowy neck reclines upon his breast, Like a fair flow'r by the keen share oppress'd; Like a white poppy sinking on the plain, Whose heavy head is overcharg'd with rain. Despair, and rage, and vengeance justly vow'd, Drove Nisus headlong on the hostile crowd.
Sayfa 173 - Dying, her open'd hand forsakes the rein; Short, and more short, she pants; by slow degrees Her mind the passage from her body frees. She drops her sword; she nods her plumy crest, Her drooping head declining on her breast : In the last sigh her struggling soul expires, , And, murm'ring with disdain, to Stygian sounds retires.
Sayfa 16 - And, where the smoke in cloudy vapours flies, Cov'ring the plain, and curling to the skies, Betwixt two paths which at the gate divide, Close by the sea a passage we have spied, Which will our way to great jEneas guide.

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