The Complete Works in Verse and Prose: Essays. Daphnaida. Colin Clouts come home again. Amoretti and Epithalamion. Fowre hymnes. Prothalamion. Astrophel, etc., and Sonnets

Ön Kapak
Spenser society, 1882
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Sayfa lxii - And he, the man whom Nature selfe had made To mock her selfe, and Truth to imitate, With kindly counter under Mimick shade, Our pleasant Willy, ah ! is dead of late : With whom all joy and jolly meriment Is also deaded, and in dolour drent.
Sayfa 76 - Saynt some service fit will find. Her temple fayre is built within my mind, In which her glorious ymage placed is ; On which my thoughts doo day and night attend, Lyke sacred priests that never thinke amisse ! There I to her, as th...
Sayfa 120 - Why blush ye, love, to give to me your hand, The pledge of all our band ! Sing, ye sweet Angels, Alleluya sing, That all the woods may answere, and your eccho ring.
Sayfa 121 - With Barnaby the bright, From whence declining daily by degrees, He somewhat loseth of his heat and light, When once the Crab behind his back he sees.
Sayfa 220 - TO praise thy life, or waile thy worthie death, And want thy wit, thy wit high, pure, divine, Is far beyond the powre of mortall line, Nor any one hath worth that draweth breath. Yet rich in zeale, though poore in learnings lore...
Sayfa xiii - So far from weal, so full of woe, or hath more cause to moan. For all things having life, sometime hath quiet rest; The bearing ass, the drawing ox, and every other beast; The peasant, and the post, that serves at all assays; The ship-boy, and the galley-slave, have time to take their ease; Save I, alas!
Sayfa lxxxviii - 1 terzo cerchio serra La rividi più bella e meno altera. Per man mi prese e disse : In questa spera Sarai ancor meco, se '1 desir non erra. I* son colei che ti die' tanta guerra E compie
Sayfa xciv - As killing as the Canker to the Rose, Or taint-worm to the weanling Herds that graze, Or Frost to Flowers, that their gay wardrop wear, When first the White thorn blows ; Such, Lycidas, thy loss to Shepherds ear.
Sayfa 121 - ... whence declining daily by degrees, He somewhat loseth of his heat and light, When once the Crab behind his back he sees. But for this time it ill ordained was, To chose the longest day in all the yeare, And shortest night, when longest fitter weare : Yet never day so long, but late would passe.
Sayfa 111 - And let them eeke bring store of other flowers To deck the bridale bowers. And let the ground whereas her foot shall tread, For feare the stones her tender foot should wrong Be strewed with fragrant flowers all along, And diapred lyke the discolored mead.

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