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Bridges and roads, Highland, report con- Catholics, aggregate meetings of, in Ire-
cerning, III. 43.

land, III. 123, 151. Meeting of the
Brougham's, Mr, speech on the opening English, ib.

of Parliament, I. 16. Speech in defence Cats, curious charge for the maintenance
of the Catholic Association, 59. Mo- of, III. 157.
tion that the delegates from the Asso- Chancellor's, the Lord, speech against
ciation be heard at the bar, 60. Speech the Catholic relief bill, I. 104.
against disfranchising the Irish forty- Chester's, Bishop of, speech in defence of
shilling freeholders, 87. Allusion to the bishops, and against the Catholic
the Duke of York's sentiments on relief bill, I. 96.
emancipation, 89. Speech on the state China, II. 63.

of church property in Ireland, 147. Chronicle, Political, or record of public
Brougham, Mr, dinner to, in Edinburgh, documents, III. 3, 69.

III. 128. Elected Lord Rector of the Chronicle, Legal, or record of remarkable
University of Glasgow, 251. His in- trials and law proceedings, III. 70, 107.
augural speech, 254.

Chronicle, General, or record of miscella-
Budget, the, 1. 106.

neous events, III. 108, 172.
Burdett's, Sir Francis, speech in favour of Chronicle, Biographical, or account of

the Catholic Association, I. 55. Speech eminent persons deceased during the
in favour of Catholic Emancipation, year, III. 173, 223.
27. Motion for a committee on the Chronicle, Ecclesiastical, III. 224, 250.
subject, 75.

Chronicle, Literary, III. 251, 266.
Burmese war, see India.

Church of Scotland, proceedings of the

General Assembly of the, III. 224.

Administration of the Sacrament, 225.

Case of Little Dunkeld, 227. Plurali-

ties, 231.
Caledonian canal, substance of the twenty- Church Patronage, meeting of society for

second report of the commissioners of improving, III. 247.
the, III. 41.

Churches, Highland, report concerning,
Canadian chiefs introduced to the King, III. 42.
III. 134.

Climate and vegetable productions of the
Canning's, Mr, speech in reply to Mr Hudson's bay countries, II. 3.

Brougham, at the opening of Parlia- Cochrane's, Lord, visit to Edinburgb, III.
ment, I. 20. Speech against the Ca- 161.
tholic Association, 56. Speeches in fa- Colchester's

, Lord, speech against the
vour of Catholic emancipation, 75, 83. Catholic relief bill, I. 93.
Carlisle, the late Earl of, biographical Colombia, see America.
account of, III. 212.

Combination laws, consequences of their
Catholic Association in Ireland, debates repeal, 133. New enactment regarding

in Parliament on the motion for pute them, 134.
ting it down, 26. Bill received the Comet steam-boat, trial of the master and
royal assent, 65. Its enactments, ib. pilot of, for culpable homicide, III. 99.
Dissolves itself in obedience to the act; Account of the loss of the, 166.
but is reconstituted on a new plan, 67. Commerce and navigation, state of, 113.
Meetings of the Association, III. 109, New regulations proposed by Mr Hus-
122, 127.

kisson, 121. Measures for regulatin;
Catholic emancipation, reasons of the slow commerce with the colonies, 127. Ex-
progress it has made, I. 68. The wbole

cise duties on British spirits, 128. Laws
argument regarding it within a nut-

relating to factors, 130. Measures Tes
shell, 71. Its discussion in Parliament, lating to navigation, ib. Trading com
72. Provisions of bill for, in the House panies, 181. Bonded grain, &c. il
of Commons, 80. Bill passed the Com- Regulations of cotton-mills and fac-
mons by a majority of 21, 93-but re- tories, ib. Postages and newspape?
jected in the Lords, by a majority of

stamps, 132. Equalization of the cur-
48, 105,

rency, ib.


Commercial Treaties between Britain and garding the Scotch Judicature Bill, III.
Denmark, 111. 59. With Hanover, 61.

With Buenos Ayres, 62. With Rus. Fife Cause, trial of, in the Jury Court,
sia, 65.

III. 90.
Coronation of the King of France, Charles Fisheries, Irish, report of the Commise
X., III. 139.

sioners of, III. 28.
Courts of justice, acts passed for regula. Finance, state of the, I. 106. Chancellor
ting and improving the, I. 136.

of the Exchequer's statement, ib. Navy
and army estimates, 110. Ordnance

estimates, 111. Miscellaneous services,

112. Repeal of part of the assessed

taxes, 115. Of duties on wine, ib.
Dawson's, Mr G. speech against the Cae Reduction of duties on coffee and hemp,
I tholic Association, I. 47.
Deaths, III. 321, 352.

Fight between the lion Nero and six
Deccan Prize Money, III. 118.

dogs, III. 152. Between the lion Wal-
Denman's, Mr, speech in favour of the lace and six dogs, 155.
Catholic Association, I. 34.

Fire, destruction of the Kent East India-
Desperate attack on a revenue party, III. man by, III. 125.

Foote, Miss, her re-appearance at Covent
Donoughmore, biographical account of Garden Theatre, III. 119.
the late Earl of, III. 218.

Foster's, Mr L., speech against the Ca-
Duel at Paris, III. 151.

tholic Association, I. 29.
France, I. 176. Opening of the Legisla-

tive Chambers, 178. Speech of the

King. 179. Addresses in answer to the

speech, 180. Civil list, ib. Discus-
Ecclesiastical Chronicle, III, 224, 250. sions on the law for establishing nun-
Edinburgh Theatres, case decided in the neries, 181. Debates on the law for

Court of Session regarding the rights punishing sacrilege, 184. Law for in-
of, III. 77.

demnifying emigrants, 186. Discus-
Edinburgh, dinner given to Mr Brougham sions upon it, 189. Measure for re-

in, III. 128. Sermon by a young Lady ducing the rentes carried by a great
in the Caledonian Theatre, 136. Meet- majority, 193. The Budget, 194. Dis-
ing to establish a new Infirmary in, 137. cussions upon it, 195. Coronation of
New Courts Bill, 146. Disbursements the King, 196. Recognition of the in-
of the Committee for relief of sufferers dependence of Hayti, 197. Proceed.
by the late fires, 168. Dinner to Mr ings against the press in defence of the
Hume, 169.

Jesuits, ib. Decision in its favour, 199.
Education in Ireland, report of the Com- Coronation of Charles X. III. 139.
missio of, III. 11.

Fuseli, Henry, Esq. biographical account
Empecinado, execution of the, III. 159. of, III. 207.
Enniskillen, dreadful accident there, III.

Expedition, Captain Franklin's, to the

Hudson's bay territories, facts collecte General Chronicle, III. 108, 172.
ed during, JI. 3. The northern, 57. General Assembly, proceedings of the,
Russian, along the northern shores of III. 224.
Siberia, 60.

Geographical discoveries, 11.57. Northern
Explosion of Stobbs' powder mills, III. expedition, ib. Captain Weddell's dis-
121, Dreadful one at Cults, 163. coveries in the Antarctic seas, 58.

Arctic land expedition, 59. Melville

Island in the Gulf of Carper taria, ib.

Russian expedition along the northern

shores of Siberia, 60. Subsidence of
Faculty of Advocates, resolations of, re- the Baltic, 62. China, 63.

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Glasgow, barbarous murder there, III. eleventh report of the Commissioners

for, III. 43.
Glasgow, meetings of the Presbytery of, Highland Society of Scotland, anniver-

III. 245. Mr Brougham elected Lord sary meeting, III. 111.
Rector of the College of, 251.

Hudson's bay countries, on the climate
Goulburn's, Mr, speech on the Catholic and vegetable productions of, II. 3.

Association, I. 26. Motion for decla- Table showing the temperature in va-
ring it unlawful, 28.

rious latitudes, 5. Distribution of heat
Great Britain, official value of its exports in different seasons, 7. Various other

in the three years ending 10th October, tables, 8-33.
1822, 1923, and 1824, 6. Average Hungary. See Austria.
prices of grain in each quarter, from Hume, Mir, elected Rector of the Maria
January 5, 1815, to January 5, 1825, schal College, Aberdeen, II!. 125.
7. Average prices of wheat in each Hume's, Mr, motion regarding church
year, from 5th January, 1819, to property in Ireland, 1. 147.
1825, 8.

Average prices in England Huskisson's, Mr, measures for regulating
and Wales in the years from 15th commerce and navigation, I. 121.
March, 1823 and 1824, ib. The same Speech on the Corn Laws, 145.
in Ireland, ib.—and in Scotland, 9.
British and foreign tonnage cleared

outwards, for the year ending 5th Ja-
nuary, 1825, 56. Value of exports and India, state of affairs in, I. 157. Pro-
imports, during each of the three years gress of the Burman war, 158. Ma.
ending 5th January, 1825, 58.

rine attack upon Donoobew, 161. Its
Greece, affairs of, I. 226. Jealousies and

means of defence, 162. Death of Ban-
discords of its rulers, ib. Defeat of the dovlah, the Burman chief, and cap-
army at Modon, 227. Navarino taken ture of Donoobew, 164. Advance
possession of by the Egyptian army, upon Prome, ib. ; and capture without
229. Revolution in Greek politics, ib. resistance, 165.

Negotiations for
Defeat of the Egyptian army at Myli, peace, 168. War resumed by the Bure

Action before Tripolitza, 232. mese, 170; who are routed with great
Disheartening state of affairs, ib. Con- slaughter, near Prome, 171. Advance
duct of the French and American agents, of the British army upon the Burman
233. Siege of Missolonghi, ib. De- capital, 173. Conclusion of a truce,
feat of the Turks there, 231. State of 175.
the war in the Morea, 235. Exchange Infirmary, meeting in Edinburgh to ese
of prisoners, 236. Assault on Misso- tablish a new, III. 137.

longhi repelled by the Greeks, 237. Irelanı, official value of its exports and
Grey's, Earl, speech in favour of the Ca. imports, III. 5. Average prices of
tholic Relief Bill, I. 93,

grain in the years ending 15th March
1824 and 1825, 8. Report of the com.

missioners of education, 11. Report of

commissioners of fisheries, 28. Of the

s lect committee on the linen trade, 33.
Hanover, proclamation of equality in Tables of the population, &c. in 1813

civil and religious rights in, III. 108. and 1821,38. Proportions of inhabitants
Harrow by's, Earl of, speech in favour of professing different religious creeds in
the Catholic Relief Bill, I. 103.

each province, 40. Linen cloth export-
Hastings, the Marquis of, resolution of ed from, 51. British and foreign top-

the East India Directors respecting, III. nage cleared outwards from, for the
120. Return of, from Malta, 141. Re- year ending 5th January 1825, 57.
turn of, to Loudon Castle, 157. Dinner Value of exports and imports during

given to, by the county of Ayr, 160. each of the three years ending 5th Ja-
Highland churches, substance of first re-

nuary, 1825, 58. Visit of Sir Walter
port of the Commissioners for, III. 42. Scott to, 157.
Highland roads and bridges, substance of Joint-stock company speculations, extra-

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ordinary rage for, I. 149. Number Mackintosh's, Sir J., speech in defence of
projected, but not matured, 150. Ma- the Catholic Association, I. 50. Speech
tured, but afterwards abandoned, 151. on Mr Brougham's election as Rector
Still existing, ib. Foreign loans con- of the College of Glasgow, III. 252.
tracted for, 153. Causes of these ma- Mail coaches in Scotland, III. 45.
dias, 154; and their consequence, a Man, Isle of, imports into, not excisable,
universal panic in the commercial III. 46. Riots in the, 167.
world, 155.

Marriages, III. 307, 321.
Jury bill, Lord Melville's new Scotch, Mechanics' Subscription Library in Edin-
III. 127.

burgh, III. 136.
Justice, acts for reforming abuses, and re- Menzies, Thomas, trial of, for assaulting

gulating proceedings in the Courts of, Mr Auld, III.89.
I. 136.

Mexico. See America.

Murder, barbarous one at Hillsborough,

III. 170. In Glasgow, ib.

Murray, Robert, trial of, for robbing the
Kean, Mr, trial of, for adultery with Mrs Stirling mail, III. 83.

Alderman Cox, III. 73. Riots on his
appearance afterwards at Drury Lane,

115, 118. Riot on his appearance at
the New York theatre, 171.

Navy estimates, 1. 110.
Kent East Indiainan destroyed by fire, in Nero, the lion, fight between, and six
the Bay of Biscay, III. 125.

dogs, at Warwick, III. 152.
King, the, and the Canadian chiefs, III. Netherlands, measures to repress the

134. His levee, 135. Visit to Drury proselytising spirit of the Catholic
Lane theatre, ib.

priesthood in, I. 213. Remonstrances
King's speech at the opening of Parlia- of the Pope against these, ib. Meeting
ment, I. 12.

of the States-General, ib. Finance,

214. Insurrections in Java, ib.

New Courts bill, Edinburgh, III. 146.

New publications, III. 267, 298.
Lansdown's, Marquis of, speech in favour Northern expedition under Captain Parry,
of Catholic emancipation, I. 98.

II. 57.
Launch of the Princess Charlotte at Portse Northern lighthouses, account of Com-

mouth ; dreadful accident, III. 161. missioners of, III. 45.
Layard, Major-General, trial of, for as-
sault, III. 76.

Legal Chronicle, III. 70, 107.
Leith Docks, III. 144.

O'Connell, Mr, indictment against him
Linen Trade of Ireland, report of the se- for sedition, JII. 70. Bills thrown out
lect committee on the, Ill. 33.

by the grand jury, 71.
Literary Chronicle, III. 251, 266. Ordnance estimates, I. 111.
Liverpool's, Lord, speech on the Catho. Outrage, barbarous one, in Aberdeenshire,

lic Association bill, I. 63. Speech III. 162.

against Catholic emancipation, 99.
London Bridge, new, foundation-stone

of, laid, III. 146.
London banks, failures in, III. 172. Parliament, state of parties in, 1. 3. The
Loss of the great American tirnber-ship, Whigs, 4. Causes of their declension,

Columbus, III. 138. Of the great tim- 5. The Tories, 7. Liberality of the
ber-ship, the Baron of Renfrew, 164.. administration, 9. Opening of Parlia-

ment, King's speech, 12. Debates on

the address, 14. Debates on the Irish

Catholic Association, 26. Debates on
Macdonald, Marshal, III. 146. His ar- Catholic emancipation, 72. Bill for
rival at Inverness, 149.

emancipating Catholics, read in the

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House of Commons, 80. Its provis Powder-mills at Stobbs destroyed by ex-
sions, ib. Debate on measure for re- plosion, III. 121.
gulating Irish freeholders, 86. Chan- Presbytery of Glasgow, meetings of the,
cellor of the Exchequer's statement of III. 245.
the finances, 106. Army and navy es- Probert, William, tried for horse-stealing,
timates, 110. Ordnance estimates, 111. III. 93.
Miscellaneous services, 112. Reduc- Prussia, affairs of, I. 209. Alliance be-
tion of assessed taxes, and repeal of du- tween the houses of Prussia and Orange,
ties on wines, 115. Measures for re- 210.
gulating commerce, 121. Statements Publications, new, III. 267, 298.
of Mr Huskisson on the subject, ib.
Commerce with the colonies, 127. Ex-

cise duties on British spirits, 128.
Laws relating to factors, 130. Meac Revenue of the United Kingdom, amount
sures relating to navigation, ib. Tra- of, in the year ending January 5, 1825.
ding companies, 131.

Bonded grain, III. 3. Expenditure, 4.
&c. ib. Regulations of cotton-mills, Richardson's, Dr, remarks on the climate,
ib. Pos ges and newspaper stamps, and productions of the Hudson's bay
132. Equalization of the currency, ib. territories, II. 3.
Act regarding the combination-laws, Robinson's, Mr, statement of the finances

134. Acts for reforming abuses in &c. I. 106.
courts of justice, 136. Laws relating Royal Burgh Cess, case respecting, III.
to jurors and juries, ib. Returns of 98.
jurors in criminal trials in Scotland, Russia, state of, 1. 216. Opening of the
138. Fees and salaries of officers in Polish Diet, ib. Illness of the Emperor
the Courts of King's Bench and Com- Alexander, 217. His death, 218; and
mon Pleas, &c. ib.

Acts relative to character, ib. The Archduke Nicho-
inferior courts in Scotland, ib. Pu- las resigns the succession in favour of
nishment for sedition and blasphemy Constantine, 221 ; who refuses the
in Scotland, 139. Act for regulating throne, 222. Nicholas proclaimed Em-
processes in the Court of Session, ib. ; peror, ib. Insurrection of the troops
and the Jury Court, Scotland, 140. in favour of Constantine, ib. Suppress-
Irish Courts, ib. Discussion on pro-

ed by Nicholas, 223. His clemency to
posed bill for allowing marriages in the rebels, ib. Constantine swears fide-
Unitarian chapels, 142. Debates on lity to his brother, 224. Rebellion in
the corn-laws, 143. Discussion regard- the provinces suppressed, ib.

ing state of the Irish church, 147.
Parnell's, Sir H., speech in favour of the

Catholic Association, I. 28.
Parr, Rev. Dr Samuel, biographical ac- Salmon, and the salmon-fisheries, facts
count of, III. 193.

established by the Parliamentary te
Peel's, Mr, speech against the Catholic port on, II. 34. Habits of the fish, 35.

Association, I. 31. Speeches against Grilse, trout, 36. Whitings, 37. Par,
Catholic Emancipation, 78, 85.

38. Habits of the salmon, ib. Mode
Peru, see America.

of spawning, 43. Kelts, 44. Coble-
Plunkett's, Mr, speech against the Catho. nets, angling, mill-races, eel. weirs, 18.

lic Association, I. 38. Speech in fa- *Poaching, 50. Stake-nets, 51. Increase

vour of Catholic Emancipation, 76. of seals and grampuses, the natural
Poland, see Russia.

enemies of salinon, 53. Changes requi-
Political Chronicle, III. 3, 69.

site in the fishing system, ib. Close time,
Population, &c. of Ireland in 1813 and ib. Stake-nets in estuaries and on the
1821, III. 38.

sea-shore, 54. Removal of obstruc-
Portugal, discord in the cabinet of, I. tions, 56. Punishment of poachers, ib.

203. Conspiracy for dethroning the Salmon fisheries, first report of Select
King of, ib. Independence of Brazils Committee on, III. 51. Second report,
acknowledged by, 204.


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