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hend may refer to a precious Chrift, as he is filed the bread of life, and likewise the water of life, or living water, * seeing he quickens such as are dead; nevertheless, I make no doubt, but there may be fomething

I analogous to this, tree also in Heaven, and the fruits are not brought in by way of filling up the sentence. Here is a manifelt allusion to the terrestrial paradise, and no doubt but that was a figure of the heavenly world, which is here so finely delineated'; and the leaves of the tree which healeth the nations here, will keep them sound and healthy for ever.

12. The following verse shows that it cannot be any thing short of Heaven itself that is described ; And there hall be no more curse, as there was in the first paradise, but the throne of God and the Lamb shall be immoveably fixed in it, and his servants fall serve him: + this very verse confirms my judgment that these two chapters are a description of the heavenly state of things, and not of the thousand years of Satan's confinement, seeing there shall be no more curse, and consequently no more calamities; whereas when Satan is released he will go out and deceive the nations, and exite them to rebellion, and who can tell what mischief they may do during that short space ? But their rebellion will bring a speedy curse upon themfelves, even fire from Heaven, and perhaps the vengeance of eternal fire. But here mall be no more curse, but the throne of God and the Lamb, quietly and inmoveably fixed, all opposition being destroyed; for all attempts inst it must be baffled, and all his enemies become his

footstool Jer. ii, 13. + Rev. xxii, 4.

footstool. Blessed region! where no more curse can enter, sorrow or fighing, cries or tears, distresses or calamities, seeing all these are finally done away : therefore a region, where there is no more tears, death, pain, sorrow, crying, and where there is no more curse, can agree with nothing short of Heaven itself.

13. AND they shall see his face, that face which was more marred than any man's, and that visage more than the fons of men; how changed! What glory immortal! in him in whom the fulness of the Godhead dwells bodily! How glorious a fight! when all the bright rays of the Deity shine through the man Christ Jesus, and every faint participating the divine effulgence. Here the prayer of the great mediator is fulfilled, where he says, Father, I will that they whom thou hast given me, may be with me, that they may behold my glory. * This is a positive and full description of the happiness of glorified souls. The term, seeing his face, seems a hebraism, and does not only imply freedom and familiarity with our superiors, but especial favour, and a free grant of all our requests. Hence Abfalom looked upon it as a great disgrace to be brought to Jerusalem, and not permitted to see the King's face. t Now the sight of the Divine face was a favour denied to Moses, and this reason was assigned, there is no man can see my face and live, + fo that this seems to be the highest ray of beatific glory, to behold the face of the Deity, and hows the amazing exaltation of human nature. Amazing glory indeed! glory beyond conception ! Happiness unutterable! or as the apostle says, Joy un

Speakable * John xvii. 27. + 2 Sam. xiv. 32.

Exod. xxxiv. 20.


Speakable and full of glory. It is added, And his name hall be in their foreheads. This I apprehend to be an honour, which we cannot conceive in our present imperfect state of things, and yet it is the promise made to the overcomer, I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of Heaven from my God, and I will write upon

him my new name. The most effential way of knowing what this means will be, to experience the fame ; for it excels the utmost stretch of imagination, and therefore description must fail. His name in the loweft fense, implies his nature and image fully restored, and compleatly ftamped, never, never to be erased to all eternity.

It is very probable, that his name, being in the forehead, may be lome honourable mark by which they may be nobly distinguished, and justly esteemed, by all who behold it.

14. It is further added, there fhall be no night there, + neither natural nor metaphorical, no dark temptations; for the tempter is confined in his own place; no dark dispensations, seeing every trial is over and pait; and there. fore all darkness is done away; and they need no candle, neither the light of the fun ; for the Lord God giveth them light: light within and light without, yea pure, unmixed, unsullied happiness, which shall never be ended; and they Mall reign for ever and ever. Here the blessed scene clofes, human language can add no more :

for what follows is only the conclusion of the book, inter

mixed • Rev. iii. 17.

+ Ibid vero 7,



mixed with sweet and encouraging promises, and needful and awful threatnings, by which we are exhorted to escape the plagues which are written in this book, and also to ensure our title to all the happiness so sweetly, and so largely described therein.

13. WHAT a pleasing echo does this charming book leave in the ear of an experimental reader : What a divine fragrance, what a heavenly relish does it leave upon the soul that has its divine senses in exercise ! Here,” as one {ays, “ we are brought under the walls of paradise, and “ within the hearing of the fongs and sounds of the bles“ sed.” We see the rays of the light of that city beam and shine out on every side. Here the lamb diffuses his glory all abroad, so that we may walk in the light thereof, and have a sweet foretaste of the powers of the world to come. Just like the Ifraelites who were regaled with grapes, pomegranates, and figs in the wilderness; * hy which they had a specimen of what the region contained, that they might be encouraged to press to the land of promise. Thus we are still encamping in the wilderness, and have our difficulties to grapple with ; our enemies to withstand, and every opposition to conquor; but we can overcome all through the blood of the lamb. Courage then, my fellow travellers ! for yet a little while, and victory shall crown all ! A few more crosses a few more trials, a few more conflicts of foul, and the last enemy shall be destroyed : death shall be swallowed up in endless life, and darkness shall terminate in endless day.

Το * Numb. xii. 24.

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TO CONCLUDE. Let the chearing profpe& of ever

. lating felicity animate every traveller that is on his way to Zion. Is the road rough and thorny? See the bright abode to which it leads! where no crosses or trials, forrows or tears, can ever come ; see thy friends waiting to hail thee to the blissful region, and thy Saviour and God ready to wipe every tear away.

Thrice blessed bliss inspiring hope,

It fifts the fainting fpirits upg

It brings to life the dead;
Our conflicts here shall soon be past,

And you and I ascend at last

Triumphant with our head ! O may we all struggle on, till we obtain the inheritance which is incorruptible, and undefiled, and which fadeth not away. Now to the King immortal, eternal, invisible; to the only wise God our Saviour, be all power, might and dominion, world without end! Amen.

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