Minor Poets of the Caroline Period ...: John Cleveland: Poems. Thomas Stanley: Poems not printed after 1647; Poems printed in 1647 and reprinted in 1656 but not in 1651; 1651 poems; Poems appearing only in the edition of 1656. Henry King: Poems, elegies, paradoxes, and sonnets. Thomas Flatman: Poems and songs. Nathaniel Whiting: The pleasing history of Albino and Bellama

Ön Kapak
George Saintsbury
At the Clarendon Press, 1921

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Sayfa 197 - Thou wilt not wake Till I thy fate shall overtake: Till age, or grief, or sickness must Marry my body to that dust It so much loves; and fill the room My heart keeps empty in thy tomb. Stay for me there: I will not fail To meet thee in that hollow vale.
Sayfa 273 - A CONTEMPLATION UPON FLOWERS Brave flowers — that I could gallant it like you And be as little vain! You come abroad, and make a harmless show, And to your beds of earth again. You are not proud; you know your birth; For your embroider'd garments are from earth.
Sayfa 236 - LIKE to the falling of a star, Or as the flights of eagles are, Or like the fresh spring's gaudy hue, Or silver drops of morning dew, Or like a wind that chafes the flood, Or bubbles which on water stood : Even such is man, whose borrowed light Is straight called in and paid to-night.
Sayfa 197 - And wait my dissolution With hope and comfort. Dear, forgive The crime! I am content to live Divided, with but half a heart...
Sayfa 242 - It is a flower, which buds, and grows, And withers as the leaves disclose ; Whose spring and fall faint seasons keep, Like fits of waking before sleep ; Then shrinks into that fatal mould Where its first being was enroll'd.
Sayfa 236 - E'en such is man ;— who lives by breath, Is here, now there, in life and death. — The grass withers, the tale is ended, The bird is flown, the dew's ascended, The hour is short, the span not long, The swan's near death, — man's life is done.
Sayfa 195 - Though almost blind. For thee, loved clay, I languish out, not live, the day, Using no other exercise But what I practise with mine eyes. By which wet glasses I find out How lazily time creeps about To one that mourns. This, only this, My exercise and business is: So I compute the weary hours With sighs dissolved into showers.
Sayfa 197 - It so much loves; and fill the room My heart keeps empty in thy tomb. Stay for me there; I will not fail To meet thee in that hollow vale. And think not much of my delay; I am already on the way, And follow thee with all the speed Desire can make, or sorrows breed. Each minute is a short degree, And ev'ry hour a step towards thee. At night when I betake to rest, Next morn I rise nearer my West Of life, almost by eight hours' sail, Than when sleep breathed his drowsy gale.
Sayfa 196 - Meantime, thou hast her, earth; much good May my harm do thee. Since it stood With heaven's will I might not call Her longer mine, I give thee all My short-lived right and interest In her whom living I loved best; With a most free and bounteous grief I give thee what I could not keep. Be kind to her, and prithee look Thou write into thy doomsday book Each parcel of this rarity Which in thy casket shrined doth lie. See that thou make thy reckoning...
Sayfa 180 - We that did nothing study but the way To love each other, with which thoughts the day Rose with delight to us, and with them set, Must learn the hateful art how to forget.

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