A War Against Truth: An Intimate Account of the Invasion of Iraq

Ön Kapak
Raincoast Books, 2005 - 374 sayfa
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"I write in a state of raging anger and shame about what I saw. A fraud was perpetrated on the entire world. A weak and defenseless nation was invaded and occupied by the greatest superpower in history on a pretext that is a transparent deception, a lie. This should bother someone. My friend Bassim and his whole family were killed. This bothers me."A classical scholar and one of the few journalists to have interviewed Saddam Hussein, Canadian reporter Paul William Roberts knows Iraq better than most. And he was in Baghdad when the bombs started falling. This is his expose of the politics behind the recent war-and the brutal reality on the ground. It follows The Demonic Comedy, which the Globe and Mail called "funny, beguiling, poignant, powerful and very good indeed, [and] probably also has the unusual bonus feature of being true."

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Yazar hakkında (2005)

Paul William Roberts is the author of Smokescreen, Empire of the Soul, Journey of the Magi and The Demonic Comedy and writes for Harper's, Vanity Fair, the CBC and the Globe and Mail. He lives in Toronto.

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