The Works ...: With the Author's Life and Character, Notes [etc.] In Eight Volumes, 8. cilt

Ön Kapak
A. Donaldson, 1761

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From the L Bolingbrcke a poitfcript to the foregoing let
From the fame His condition The ſtate of Ire
Dr Swifts aniwer The misfortunes atiending great
Of Mr Weſleys diſſertations on Job Poſtſcript
Concerning the Ducheſs of Qy Perſuaſions to eco
More on the fame ſubjects A happy union againſt
From Dr Swift to Mr Pope An account of ſeveral
Dr Swifts answer
Expectations of Dr Swifts journey to England Chiarac
ſhop of Derry
Mr Pope to Dr Swift His plan for the ſecond book
Of the complaints of friends One of the beſt
From Dr Swift Reaſons that obſtruct his coming to England Deſires to be remembered in Mr Popes e piſtles Manyof Mr Popes letters to him loft and b...
From Dr Swift Mention again of the chaſm in the letters Objections in Ireland to ſome paſſages in Mr Popesletters publiſhed in England The Deans ow...
Dr Swift to his uncle William Swift Nov 29 1692
The ſame to his couſin Deane Swift at Liſbon 1694
The ſame to the fame June 14 1737
The Earl of Peterborow to Mr Pope 1732
Dr Swift to the Earl of Peterborow
Dr Swift to Mr Hunter at that time a priſoner in France Jan 12 1708 9
To the fame March 2217089
Dr Swift to Dr William King Archbiſhop of Du
The Archbiſhop to Dr Swift Oa 16 1710
Dr Narciſſus Marſh Lord Primate and Dr King Archbi ſhop to Dr Swift Oct 24 1710
The Archbiſhop of Dublin to Dr Swift Dec 16 1710
The Archbiſhop to Dr Swift Nov 22 1716
Dr Swift to the Archbiſhop of Dublin Dec 16 1716
Dr Swift to Dr Sheridan Dec 14 1719
To the ſame Dec 22 1722

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Sayfa 92 - I will further tell you, that all my endeavours, from a boy, to distinguish myself, were only for want of a great title and fortune, that I might be used like a Lord by those who have an opinion of my parts — whether right or wrong, it is no great matter, and so the reputation of wit or great learning does the office of a blue ribbon, or of a coach and six horses.
Sayfa 44 - I hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.
Sayfa 122 - I dislike nothing in your letter but an affected apology for bad writing, bad spelling, and a bad pen; which you pretend Mr Gay found fault with; Wherein you affront Mr Gay, you affront me, and you affront yourself.
Sayfa 179 - I see things more in the whole, more consistent, and more clearly deduced from, and related to each other. But what I gain on the side of philosophy, I lose on the side of poetry : the flowers are gone, when the fruits begin to ripen, and the fruits perhaps will never ripen perfectly.
Sayfa 60 - Motte * received the copy (he tells me) he knew not from whence, nor from whom, dropped at his house in the dark, from a hackney-coach : by computing the time, I found it was after you left England, so, for my part, I suspend my judgment.
Sayfa 15 - ... to war and gods. I tell you all the faults I know, only in one or two places you are a little obscure; but I expected you to be so in one or two and twenty.
Sayfa 33 - I often threatened myself with the journey, and am every summer practising to ride and get health to bear it : the only inconvenience is, that I grow old in the experiment. Although I care not to talk to you as a divine, yet I hope you have not been author of your colic : do you drink bad wine, or keep bad company? Are you not as many years older as I ? It will not be always et tibi quos mihi dempserit apponet annos.
Sayfa 31 - I dare not venture to publish them : For however orthodox they may be while I am now writing, they may become criminal enough to bring me into trouble before midsummer.
Sayfa 155 - But even this trick shall not provoke me to print the true one, which indeed is not proper to be seen till I can be seen no more...
Sayfa 194 - Patron, and then descended to be my Friend. It is a great favour of Heaven, that your health grows better by the addition of years. I have...

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