From Flour Sacks to Satin: The Story of a Sharecropper Family

Ön Kapak
AuthorHouse, 2008 - 140 sayfa

The purpose of this book is not to embarrass or slander anyone in recording events of my early life, which I believe were unique in the circumstances I experienced. Through the years I have come to dearly love all of my relatives and appreciate the people with whom I was associated, both living and deceased. Whatever happened in my life, God turned into something beneficial and beautiful. Life is a great teacher; and in the mellowness of age, I find it worthwhile. My advice to anyone is to understand that nothing lasts. Change is inevitable. Only God, his eternal precepts for living, and the soul entrusted to a person will last forever. Choice is the great privilege given to each person.


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The Decision
The New Home
Learning Years
Our Poultry Business
Family Lore
Lillie Pearl Hall
Telif Hakkı

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