A new and general biographical dictionary, 7. cilt

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Sayfa 229 - ... was put into the hands of the bishop of London, a man so unknown, that his name was scarce heard of in the kingdom, who had been within two years before but a private chaplain to the king, and the president of a poor college in Oxford.
Sayfa 501 - ... end of the church would have fallen upon us. Our rods would not move at all ; the candles and torches, all but one, were extinguished, or burned very dimly. John Scott, my partner, was amazed, looked pale, knew not what to think or do, until I gave directions and command to dismiss the daemons ; which, when done, all was quiet again, and each man returned unto his lodging late, about twelve o'clock at night.
Sayfa 137 - ... accurate and solid; and often consulted by those who knew him well, in branches of very curious learning, and far remote from the flowery paths loved and frequented by the muses.
Sayfa 453 - But see ! each Muse, in LEO'S golden days, Starts from her trance, and trims her wither'd bays, Rome's ancient Genius, o'er its ruins spread, Shakes off the dust, and rears his rev'rend head. Then Sculpture and her sister-arts revive ; Stones leap'd to form, and rocks began to live ; With sweeter notes each rising temple rung; A Raphael painted, and a Vida sung.
Sayfa 300 - This freedom gave great offence, and the queen had long and angry conferences with him on that and other occasions, in which he never paid the slightest homage either to sex or rank.
Sayfa 472 - ... and bear a part, I did so, and that a ' part too, not much to advance the reputation of my ' cunning. By and by, without the least colour of a ' design or expectation, in comes Cromwell. He ' found us playing, and as I remember so he left us.
Sayfa 465 - Finding himself, on this account, under a necessity of leaving the kingdom, he repaired to the Pretender at Bar le Due; where he was allowed to officiate, in a private chapel, after the rites of the Church of England; and it is said he took much pains to convert the Pretender to the Protestant religion, but in vain.
Sayfa 246 - As for my religion, I die in the holy Catholic and Apostolic faith, professed by the whole Church before the disunion of east and west : more particularly I die in the communion of the Church of England, as it stands distinguished from all papal and puritan innovations, and as it adheres to the doctrine of the Cross.
Sayfa 425 - Mediterranean, and furprizing a convoy of the enemy's corn, fent it to Barcelona ; and thereby faved that city and the confederate army from the danger of famine, in 1708...
Sayfa 395 - This venerable old man knowing how his abilities were impaired by age, and that it was impossible for him to recollect all those reasons which had directed him in the choice of his religion, left his companions who were in the full possession of their parts and learning, to baffle and confound their antagonists by the force of reason.

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