Proceedings, 5. cilt

Ön Kapak
American Society for Testing and Materials., 1905
Vols. 1-61 include reports of the 1st-64th annual meetings, committee reports and technical papers; v.16-38 include also "New and revised tentative standards [and] tentative revisions of standards" (varies slightly)

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Sayfa 450 - AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING MATERIALS EXTRACT FROM CHARTER 1. The name of the proposed corporation is the "American Society for Testing Materials." 2. The corporation is formed for the promotion of knowledge of the materials of engineering, and the standardization of specifications and the methods of testing.
Sayfa 110 - Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Society for Testing Materials.
Sayfa 45 - The inspector representing the purchaser shall have all reasonable facilities afforded to him by the manufacturer to satisfy him that the finished material is furnished in accordance with these specifications.
Sayfa 213 - Ibs. 7 days (1 day in moist air, 6 days in water) 500 Ibs. 28 days (1 day in moist air, 27 days in water) 600 Ibs. One Part Cement, Three Parts Standard Ottawa Sand.
Sayfa 365 - The test piece shall be adjusted, so that the center of its upper surface is tangent to the spherical end of the plunger.
Sayfa 62 - No. 8 sieve, with a mixture of one to twelve bituminous facing. The mold shall be rammed evenly and fairly hard, thoroughly dried and not cast until it is cold. The test bar shall not be removed from the mold until cold enough to be handled.
Sayfa 355 - Conference was established by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institution of Electrical Engineers, the Institute of...
Sayfa 62 - Л inch smaller in diameter than the top, to allow for draft and for the strain of pouring. The pattern shall not be rapped before withdrawing. The flask is to be rammed up with green molding sand, a little damper than usual, well mixed and put through a No.
Sayfa 38 - Chemical determinations of the percentages of carbon, phosphorus, sulphur and manganese shall be made by the manufacturer from a test ingot taken at the time of the pouring of each melt of steel, and a correct copy of such analysis shall be furnished to the engineer or his inspector.
Sayfa 42 - ... is manufactured. He shall furnish a suitable testing machine for testing the specimens, as well as prepare the pieces for the machine, free of cost.

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