The Race Problem

Ön Kapak
J. D. Morris & Company, 1900 - 21 sayfa

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Sayfa 536 - A perfect climate, above a fertile soil, yields to the husbandman every product of the temperate zone. There by night the cotton whitens beneath the stars and by day the wheat locks the sunshine in its bearded sheaf. In the same field the clover steals the fragrance of the wind and the tobacco catches the quick aroma of the rains. There are mountains stored with exhaustless treasures; forests, vast and primeval, and rivers that, tumbling or loitering, run wanton to the sea.
Sayfa 550 - Americans — and we stand for human liberty ! The uplifting force of the American idea is under every throne on earth. France, Brazil — these are our victories. To redeem the earth from kingcraft and oppression — this is our mission ! And we shall not fail. God has sown in our soil the seed of His millennial harvest, and He will not lay the sickle to the ripening crop until His full and perfect day has come.
Sayfa 534 - Now go, my darling daughter, hang your clothes on a hickory limb, and don't go near the water.
Sayfa 547 - The love we feel for that race you cannot measure nor comprehend. As I attest it here, the spirit of my old black mammy from her home up there looks down to bless, and through the tumult of this night steals the sweet music of her croonings as thirty years ago she held me in her black arms and led me smiling into sleep.
Sayfa 536 - ... and cheapest source of supply, but resting in Divine assurance, within touch of field and mine and forest — not set amid costly farms from which competition has driven the farmer in despair, but amid cheap and sunny lands, rich with agriculture, to which neither season nor soil has set a limit — this system of industries is mounting to a splendor that shall dazzle and illumine the world.
Sayfa 542 - It is hard to measure with exactness whatever touches the negro. His helplessness, his isolation, his century of servitude, — these dispose us to emphasize and magnify his wrongs. This disposition, inflamed by prejudice and partisanry, has led to injustice and delusion. Lawless men may ravage a county in Iowa and it is accepted as an incident — in the South, a drunken row is declared to be the fixed habit of the community. Regulators may whip vagabonds in Indiana by platoons and it scarcely arrests...
Sayfa 546 - South, be delivered again to the control of an ignorant and inferior race. We wrested our State government from negro supremacy when the federal drumbeat rolled closer to the ballot-box and federal bayonets hedged it deeper about than will ever again be permitted in this free government. But, sir, though the cannon of this republic thundered in every voting district of the South, we still should find in the mercy of God the means and the courage to prevent its re-establishment!
Sayfa 545 - His first appeal to suffrage was the promise of "forty acres and a mule." His second, the threat that Democratic success meant his re-inslavement. Both have proved false in his experience. He looked for a home, and he got the freedman's bank. He fought under the promise of the loaf, and in victory was denied the crumbs. Discouraged and deceived, he has realized at last that his best friends are his neighbors, with whom his lot is cast, and whose prosperity is bound up in his — and...
Sayfa 548 - Africa, and thus hasten the prophecy of the psalmist who said: "And suddenly Ethiopia shall hold out her hands unto God" — whether, forever dislocated and separated, they remain a weak people beset by stronger, and exist as the Turk, who lives in the jealousy rather than in the conscience of Europe — or whether in this miraculous republic they break through the caste of twenty centuries and, belying universal history, reach the full stature of citizenship, and in peace maintain it — we shall...
Sayfa 537 - Republic, and 3c free the halted feet of thousands whose eyes are already kindled with its beauty. Better than this, it will open the hearts of brothers for thirty years estranged, and clasp in lasting comradeship a million hands now withheld in doubt. Nothing, Sir, but this problem, and the suspicions it breeds, hinders a clear understanding and a perfect union.

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