Memoir of Ann H. Judson: Late Missionary to Burmah; Including a History of the American Baptist Mission in the Burman Empire

Ön Kapak
Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1844 - 392 sayfa

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Sayfa 221 - Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.
Sayfa 53 - If obedience to the will of God be necessary to happiness, and knowledge of his will be necessary to obedience, I know not how he that withholds this knowledge, or delays it, can be said to love his, neighbour as himself. He that voluntarily continues ignorance, is guilty of all the crimes which ignorance produces ; as to him that should extinguish the tapers of a lighthouse might justly be imputed the calamities of shipwrecks.
Sayfa 250 - Dictionary was written with little assistance of the learned and without any patronage of the great; not in the soft obscurities of retirement or under the shelter of academic bowers, but amidst inconvenience and distraction, in sickness and in sorrow.
Sayfa 322 - We now, for the first time for more than a year and a half, felt that we were free, and no longer subject to the oppressive yoke of the Burmese. And with what sensations of delight, on the next morning, did I behold the masts of the steamboat, the sure presage of being within the bounds of civilized life ! As soon as our boat reached the shore, Brigadier A.
Sayfa 203 - ... that royal permission be given, that we, taking refuge in the royal power, may preach our religion in these dominions, and that those who are pleased with our preaching, and wish to listen to and be guided by it, whether foreigners or Burmans, may be exempt from government molestation, they present themselves to receive the favour of the excellent king, the sovereign of land and sea.
Sayfa 175 - The Lord can clear the darkest skies, Can give us day for night; Make drops of sacred sorrow rise To rivers of delight.
Sayfa 322 - Irrawaddy, surrounded by six or eight golden boats, and accompanied by all we had on earth. The thought that we had still to pass the Burman camp, would sometimes occur to damp our joy, for we feared that some obstacle might there arise to retard our progress. Nor were we mistaken in our conjectures. We' reached the camp about midnight, where we were detained two hours; the Woongyee, and high officers, insisting that we should wait at the camp, while Dr. Price, (who did not return to Ava with your...
Sayfa 39 - ... the difficulties attending such an attempt ; and that after examining all the information which they can obtain, they consider themselves as devoted to this work for life, whenever God in his providence shall open the way. " They now offer the following inquiries on which they solicit the opinion and advice of this Association.

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