The Paston letters, A.D. 1422-1509: New complete library ed, 3. cilt

Ön Kapak
James Gairdner
Chatto & Windus, 1904

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Sayfa 89 - Si autem te non audierit, adhibe tecum adhuc unum, vel duos, ut in ore duorum, vel trium testium, stet omne verbum. Quod si non audierit eos, die Ecclesiae: si autem Ecclesiam non audierit, sit tibi sicut ethnicus et publicanus.
Sayfa 75 - The writer concluded this portion of his letter with the pithy observation that "the Quene is a grete and strong labourid woman, for she spareth noo peyne to sue hire thinges to an intent and conclusion to hir...
Sayfa 89 - Si autem peccaverit in te frater tuus, vade et corripe eum inter te et ipsum solum; si te audierit, lucratus eris fratrem tuum.
Sayfa 136 - I beseke you, gode moder, as our most synguler trost is yn your gode moderhode, that my maistr, my best beloved, fayle not of the C. marc at the begynnyng of this terme, the which ye promysed hym to his mariage, with the remanent of the money of faders wille ; for I have promytted faithfully to a gentilman, called Bain, that was oon of my best beloved suertees, and was bounde for hym in...
Sayfa 23 - No. 252.] 2 [From Fenn, iii. 178.] This is a copy of the memorial drawn up by the Duke of York and the Earls of Warwick and Salisbury just before the first battle of St. Albans, which the Duke of Somerset and his friends would not allow to be presented to the King. Although this copy is without date, the original was dated at Ware, the 21st May. — See Rolls of Part.
Sayfa 211 - He or they that hafe infoormyd the Lordes wele of me, I am behold to hem ; and yf they be otherwyse infoormyd, I schal do as wele as I may. But be myn trowthe I schal not be aferd to sey as I knowe for none Lord of this lond, if I may go saf and come, quod non credo, per Deum, propter evidencias multas,
Sayfa 67 - My maister demaundyth me sondry tymes when ye shall be here. I coude not sey till thys day be passed. William Geney shall be here to morn, so wold Jesus ye were her then. I asked licence to ryde yn to my contree, and my maistr dyd not graunt it ; he seyd hys wille was for to make, etc. Y ansuerd, it fyt not me to know it. God gefe hym grace of holsom councell, and of a gode disposicion ; non est opus unius diet, nee unius septimance*.
Sayfa 44 - Comens, puttyng Thorp, Josep, and my Lord of Somerset in all the defaute; be the which bill all maner of actions that shuld growe to any person or persones for any offenses at that journey doon, in any maner of wise shuld be extynt and voide, affermyng all thing doon there well doon, and nothing doon there never after this tyme to be spoken of; to the which bill mony a man groged full sore nowe it is passed.
Sayfa 123 - ... and so ded the last maystr, and the best that ever he had, att Caumbrage. And sey Grenefeld that if he wyll take up on hym to brynge hym in to good rewyll and lernyng, that I may verily know he doth hys dever, I wyll geve hym x marcs for hys labor ; for I had lever he wer fayr beryed than lost for defaute.
Sayfa 26 - I shall knowe what traytor dar be so bold to reyse apepull in myn owne lond, where thorugh I am in grete desese and hevynesse. And by the feyth that I owe to Seynt Edward and to the Corone of Inglond, I shal destrye them every moder sone, and they be hanged, and drawen, and quartered, that may be taken afterward, of them to have ensample to alle such tray tours to be war to make ony such rysyng of peple 1455 withinne my lond, and so traytorly to abyde her Kyng and governour.

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