Memoirs of Angelus Politianus, Actius Sincerus Sannazarius, Petrus Bembus, Hieronymus Fracastorius, Marcus Antonius Flaminius, and the Amalthei: Translations from Their Poetical Works: and Notes and Observations Concerning Other Literary Characters of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries

Ön Kapak
Cadell & Davies, 1801 - 211 sayfa

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Sayfa 115 - ... century, at a cheaper rate than they could obtain it from Egypt, where it was then extensively made. The first sugar plantations established in Spain were at Valencia, but they were soon after extended to Granada and Murcia. Prince Henry, the navigator, carried sugar-cane from Sicily to Madeira. Towards the end of the fifteenth and the commencement of the sixteenth centuries, it was conveyed to the Canary islands, where plantations were formed, especially on Gomera and Grand Canary. From Gomera...
Sayfa 190 - ET gelidus fons est, et nulla salubrior unda, Et molli circum gramine terra viret ; Et ramis arcent soles frondentibus alni, Et levis in nullo gratior aura loco est ; Et medio Titan nunc ardentissimus axe est, Exustusque gravi sidere fervet ager.
Sayfa 153 - 1 puro e dolce idioma nostro, Levato fuor del volgar uso tetro, Quale esser dee, ci ha co '1 suo esempio mostro.
Sayfa 104 - Ceeculus hie noster, maluit esse Leo. Quid tibi cum magno commune est, Talpa, Leone ? Non cadit in turpes nobilis ira feras. Ipse licet cupias animos simulare Leonis, Non Lupus hoc genitor, non sinit Ursa parens. Ergo aliud tibi prorsus habendum est, Caecule, nomen ; Nam cuncta ut possis, non potes esse LEO.
Sayfa 202 - Thou wak'st to life the. torpid mind, To deathful slumbers else consign'd : And pleas'd to share thy tranquil smile, Man with new vigour meets his toil. Betimes the sprightly traveller wakes : The sturdy ox his stall forsakes, Patient his sinewy neck to bow, And bear the yoke, and drag the plough 5 His fleecy charge the shepherd leads To graze beneath the sylvan shades.
Sayfa 86 - Are you already surprised ? you will be still more so •with what followed. The boy had completed his task, and was ordered to take his food standing; for such is his constant custom. After the first remove, I was requested to propose subjects to him for epistolary composition, as many as I pleased : on which he was to dictate, extempore, to several amanuenses at once. I mentioned only five, not being willing to bear too hard upon the child, though he engagingly insisted on more. But the subjects...
Sayfa 85 - ... nor altogether modulated as in singing ; but formed by a pleasing inflection of voice between both. As the subject required, they were uniform or varied, with exact regard to connexion and pause ; acute or grave ; easy or emphatical ; quick or slow ; yet always correct, distinct, and agreeable. His action was neither indolent and unanimated, nor yet bold and forward. You would have vowed another little Roscius stood before you. He was suddenly requested to turn the verse into prose, and repeat...
Sayfa 14 - CUM referam attonito, Medices, tibi carmina plectro, Ingeniumque tibi serviat omne meum, Quod tegor attrita ridet plebecula veste; Tegmina quod pedibus sint recutita meis; Quod digitos caligae, disrupto carcere, nudos Permittunt coelo liberiore frui; Intima bombycum vacua est quod stamine vestis, Sectaque de caesa vincula fallit ove.
Sayfa 15 - Nee potuit culti faciem dea nosse poetae, Corporaque in Tyrio conspicienda sinu : Si minus ergo tibi meritas ago carmine grates, Frustrata est calamum Diva vocata meum ; Mox tibi sublato modulabor pectine versus, No.
Sayfa 172 - On the west the appearance of the Lago di Garda is no less pleasing. Here hills rising in alternate succession meet the view; here the sometimes disturbed and tumultuous billows of the lake — the charming peninsula of Catullus ; vessels with...

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