The A to Z of the Kurds

Ön Kapak
Scarecrow Press, 22 Haz 2009 - 426 sayfa
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The A to Z of the Kurds covers the largest nation on Earth that does not have its own independent state. Scholars, government officials who are dealing with the Middle East and the Kurds, the news media, as well as the general reader will find this an accessible historical account about a people who are becoming increasingly important for the future of the geostrategic Middle East. Maps, a chronology of Kurdish history, an introductory essay on the Kurds, a dictionary containing several hundred entries on various aspects of the Kurdish experience, and an extensive bibliography comprise this volume.

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Yazar hakkında (2009)

Michael M. Gunter is professor of political science at Tennessee Technological University. Professor Gunter is the author of a number of scholarly acclaimed books dealing with the Kurds.

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