The Road to Self-Worth Marriage and Relationships: (A Book for Disciples) Part One

Ön Kapak
AuthorHouse, 31 Oca 2006 - 224 sayfa
God has given us an opportunity to practice our love for Him by practicing our unconditional love for one another. He has established the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman to illustrate the marriage covenant He has with us. God has commanded us to love Him, our neighbor, and ourselves. We get to practice, and practice, and practice loving each other, while we await the return of His Son, Jesus. Marriage is forever, God does not approve of divorce. Divorce is a sin and sin is never tolerated by God. When someone sins, death is assigned to them (James 1:15 and Ecclesiastes 8:11 ). God established the marriage covenant between Himself and mankind first, and between a "man" and a "woman" second. God warns us not to break our vows to Him (Ecclesiastes 5:4-6). The vows made at the wedding ceremony are forever. God's plan for marriage is a vowed relationship between a man (not a male) and a woman (not a female). Only a man and woman have reached the maturity level to be married. God establishes the family unit first. A husband and a wife are a family. Children do not make families. Families make children.

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Founder of World Christian Leadership and Training Ministries, Leo J. Bogee Jr. is a pastor, an evangelist, a teacher, consultant, lay counselor and a facilitator. His straight forward but sincere approach to personal transformation has made him a sought after speaker in churches, businesses, schools and organizations across North America. Leo is also the president and founder of Leadership Through Personal Awareness, Inc., a consulting company specializing in leadership training, organizational stability, crisis resolution and team building. He has been a career counselor, a marriage counselor, a relationship counselor and a personal counselor since 1979. Leo is a graduate of The George Washington University and a retired E-9, having served 25 years of active duty in the U.S. Navy. He currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Christine and son Andre. His insight into the truths of the Word of God has helped thousands of people to achieve personal wellness and freedom. 

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