Notes by a Naturalist on the "Challenger": Being an Account of Various Observations Made During the Voyage of H.M.S. "Challenger" Round the World, in the Years 1872-1876, Under the Commands of Capt. Sir G.S. Nares and Capt. F.T. Thomson

Ön Kapak
Macmillan, 1879 - 620 sayfa
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Sayfa 508 - Both sexes wear necklaces made of strings of small variegated shells, and an ornament in the form of the handle of a cup, about two inches long, and half an inch broad, made of wood, stone, or ivory, finely polished, which is hung about the neck, by fine threads of twisted hair, doubled sometimes a hundred-fold.
Sayfa 582 - ... is from the dust of the earth. Indeed, these soundings suggest the idea that the sea^ like the snow-cloud with its flakes in a calm, is always letting fall upon its bed showers of these microscopic shells ; and we may readily imagine that the "sunless wrecks...
Sayfa 425 - Dragon's flesh, which he steeped in vinegar, and thereby gave to the latter five different colours. As the animal is seen and used in this way, I have no doubt that the bones are those of a dead Dragon, and have not been cast off. " This medicine is sweet and is not poison. Dr. A. Koon certainly says that it is a little poisonous. Care must be taken not to let it come in contact with fish or iron. It cures heartache, stomach-ache, drives away ghosts, cures colds and dysentery, cures fainting in children,...
Sayfa 590 - Anemone (Epizoanthus parasitiais), so that the combination is closely similar to that so familiar in shallow seas. Pycnogonid larvae rear themselves as parasites within Hydroid colonies in the depths, just as in the shallows. The depths of the sea being mostly dark, many of the animals inhabiting them are blind, like cave animals, and have their eyes reduced to mere rudiments. Many of these, such as some blind fish and Crustacea, are provided with enormously long and delicate feelers or hairs, in...
Sayfa 408 - Cebu, been removed by denudation, with the exception of a few isolated pillar-like blocks, which remain, and which are conspicuous from the anchorage. These show that the whole island was once of the same height as the distant cliff. Opposite the town of Cebu, the island of Mactan is bordered by a wide belt of denuded coral flat, partly covered at high tide. The surface is scooped out into irregular basins and sharp projecting pinnacles, and covered in all directions with mud, resulting from the...
Sayfa 463 - No doubt the natives paint themselves elaborately on festive occasions and in war time. They were fond of being painted, and two natives who were painted on board all over with engineroom oil-paint, yellow and green, in stripes and various facetious designs, were delighted.
Sayfa 579 - Shrimp probably inhabited a region lying at some distance above the bottom. The sledge irons of the trawl-net were carefully examined as evidence in the matter, to test whether they had been polished by friction on the bottom or no, or whether they had any mud adhering to them. In future dredging operations, it would be well to have a small cup with a valve to it attached to the dredge or trawl, so that it shall always retain a little of the bottom, and prevent the possibility of the occurrence of...
Sayfa 426 - True and Wonderful, a Discourse relating to a strange and monstrous Serpent or Dragon lately discovered and yet living, to the great annoyance and divers slaughters both of men and cattell by his strong and violent poison. In Sussex, two miles from Horsham, in a wood called St. Leonard's Forest, and thirtie miles from London, this present month of August, 1614.
Sayfa 463 - ... males, however, were tattooed. One, a small boy, had a simple ring-mark round one eye. The other, an adult, had rings round both eyes. These were, however, exceptional cases. The tattooing is not made up of fine dots or pricks, but of a series of short lines or cuts.* The colour is an indigo-blue. The women are tattooed with rings round the eyes and all over the face, and in diagonal lines over the upper part of the front of the body, the lines crossing one another so as to form a series of lozenge-shaped...
Sayfa 465 - In Dentrecasteaux Island many of the houses have their walls built up neatly of wood cut into billets and piled as firewood is in Europe. The roofs are similar to those in Wild Island. They are supported on two stout posts rising from the foci of the oval floor in each house, and by a regular framework of rafters, &c.

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