The Orthoëpist: A Pronouncing Manual Containing about Three Thousand Five Hundred Words, Including a Considerable Number of the Names of Foreign Authors, Artists, Etc., that are Often Mispronounced

Ön Kapak
D. Appleton, 1881 - 201 sayfa

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Sayfa 75 - But he that goes to bed, and goes to bed mellow, Lives as he ought to do, lives as he ought to do, and dies an honest fellow...
Sayfa 193 - Let them be free, marry them to your heirs? Why sweat they under burdens? let their beds Be made as soft as yours, and let their palates Be season'd with such viands? You will answer The slaves are ours.
Sayfa 204 - Mr. Ayres's lessons are conveyed in sharp and crisp English, and are an example of good as well as a warning against bad writing and speaking.
Sayfa 110 - But it was so far from having generally obtained, that Lord Chesterfield strictly enjoins his son to avoid this pronunciation as affected. In a few years, however, it became so general that none but the lowest vulgar ever pronounced it in the English manner ; but upon the publication of this nobleman's Letters, which was about twenty years after he wrote them, his authority...
Sayfa 185 - tis true, as you say, that I've injured a letter, I'll change my note soon, and I hope, for the better. May the just rights of letters as well as of men, Hereafter be fixed by the tongue and the pen ; Most devoutly I wish that they both have their due, And that I may be never mistaken for u.
Sayfa 153 - Sir, your servant! though this pronunciation of the word singly would be looked upon as a mark of the lowest vulgarity. The proper names, Derby, and Berkeley, still retain the old sound, as if written Darby and Barkeley ; but even these, in polite usage, are getting into the common sound, nearly as if written Durby and Burkeley.
Sayfa 204 - For sale by all booksellers; or sent by mail, post-paid^ on receipt of price. New York: D. APPLETON & CO., 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street.
Sayfa 182 - To entertain them fair with open front And breast (what could we more ?) propounded terms Of composition, straight they...
Sayfa 185 - I'll change my note soon, and I hope for the better; May the right use of letters, as well as of men, Hereafter be fixed for the tongue and the pen; Most devoutly I wish they may both have their due, And that I may be never mistaken for U.

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