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10, line 6 from bot. read, the level of that of the uncultivated. 110, note, I. 4 from bot. for Judric read Judaic, 112. 1. 14, for was made read might be made. 138, note (f), l. 3, for p. 45 read p. 54, 142, note (c), for Mullas read Nallus. 153, 1. 1. for sixty-fifth read fifty-sixth. 187, note, 1. 7, for far read for. 199, note (a), for Schoff read Schott. 202, note (f), last line, for sect. ü, read Lect. ii. 255, 1. 9, for whole read world. 327, 1. 20, for every place read in every place. 351, 1. 5 from bot. for by read of. 352, 1. 15, for to paid read to be paid. 445, last line, for which read of which. 50), I. 14, for have determined read have not determined.

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