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fourth commandment, adopted in a subsequent part of this work, be correct.

The annexed List of Writers on the subject of this volume is far from being complete; but the Author considered it right to insert such only as he has had an opportunity of consulting. The insertion of similar lists in his former works has been approved by some to whose judgment he pays the highest deference; and he trusts that the apparent ostentation will be pardoned for the sake of their utility.

It would not gratify the reader to detail the occasion which gave birth to the following Treatise, the researches by which it has swelled to its present size, or the reasons which have induced the Author to submit it to the decision of the public. If “no work was ever spared out of tenderness to the Author,” how can the writer of these pages, under whatever circumstances they were composed, expect any exemption from the universal fate of authorship? It were vain to flatter himself that it would stay, much less disarm the uplifted hand of rigorous criticism, were he to recount the difficulties he has had to struggle with, or the various obstacles which have retarded the


of his inquiries. He therefore commits his work, such as it is, to the candour of those who take an interest in theological discussions, courting, rather than avoiding, the detection of his errors, and fervently praying that, if he have succeeded in establishing the sanctity of the sabbatical institution, his humble labours may be instrumental, through the divine blessing, to the more general observance of so hallowed a rest.

October, 1825.


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