A grammar of the English language, in a series of letters. With an additional chapter by J.P.Cobbett

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Sayfa 221 - ... the object of lowering rents and tithes has been extended to the refusal also of the Priest's dues makes sad work indeed. Without the also, the thing might pass; but that word makes this part of the sentence downright nonsense. 43. " No additional military force, no improvement nor augmentation of the police, would now be effectual without the aid of the Insurrection Act; with that aid it appears to be rational to expect that tranquillity may be maintained, confirmed, and extended through Ireland....
Sayfa 130 - Saxon laws nominally punished theft with death, if above the value of twelvepence ; but the criminal was permitted to redeem his life by a pecuniary ransom ; as among their ancestors, the Germans, by a stated number of cattle. (o) But in the ninth year of Henry the First this power of redemption was taken away, and all persons guilty of larceny above the value of twelvepence...
Sayfa 78 - IN a land of liberty it is extremely dangerous to make a distinct order of the profession of arms. In absolute monarchies this is necessary for the safety of the prince, and arises from the main principle of their constitution, which is that of governing by fear ; but in free states the profession of a soldier, taken singly and merely as a profession, is justly an object of jealousy.
Sayfa 105 - A hundred such phrases might be collected from HUME, BLACKSTONE, and even from Doctors BLAIR and JOHNSON. Yet they are bad Grammar. In all such cases, who should be made use of: for, it is nominative and not objective. " No man was more hearty in the cause than he was; no man was better skilled in artifice than he was." It is a very common Parliament-house phrase, and therefore presumptively corrupt; but it is a Doctor Johnson phrase too: " Pope, than whom few men had more vanity.
Sayfa 162 - ... or excursions, which I am now considering. But I cannot forbear, under this head, to caution pious and tender minds, that are disturbed by the irruptions of wicked imaginations, against too great dejection, and too anxious alarms ; for thoughts are only criminal, when they are first chosen, and then voluntarily continued.
Sayfa 93 - There are indeed but very few who know how to be idle and innocent, or have a relish of any pleasures that are not criminal; every diversion they take is at the expense of some one virtue or another, and their very first step out of business is into vice or folly.
Sayfa 59 - ETYMOLOGY to read, to rend, to ride, to ring, to rise, to run, to say, to see, to seek, to sell, to send, to set, to shake, to shear, to shed, to show, to shrink, to shoe, to shoot, to shut. to sing, to sink, to sit, to slay, to sleep, to slide, to slit, to smite, to speak, to speed, to spend, to spin, to spit, to spread...
Sayfa 122 - The very scheme and model of the administration of common justice, between party and party, was entirely settled by this king ; and has continued nearly the same to this day." Administration of common justice was full upon the judge's ear ; down he clapped was ; and has naturally followed ; and thus, my dear son, in grammar as in moral conduct, one fault almost necessarily produces others. 240. Look, therefore, at your nominative...
Sayfa 84 - Habit is powerful in all cases; but its power in this case is truly wonderful, When you write, bear constantly in mind, that some one is to read and to understand what you write. This will make your handwriting and also your meaning, plain.
Sayfa 165 - This was what the Doctor meant; but this would have marred a little the antithesis; it would have unsettled a little of the balance of that see-saw in which Dr. Johnson so much delighted, and which, falling into the hands of novel-writers and of Members of Parliament, has, by moving unencumbered with any of the Doctor's reason or sense, lulled so many thousands asleep!

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