An English Grammar for Schools: Based on the Principles and Requirements of the Grammatical Society, 1-2. bölümler

Ön Kapak
Swan Sonnenschein & Company, 1891

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Sayfa 25 - Cromwell, Cromwell, Had I but served my God with half the zeal I served my king, he would not in mine age Have left me naked to mine enemies.
Sayfa 23 - When France in wrath her giant-limbs upreared, And with that oath, which smote air, earth, and sea, Stamped her strong foot and said she would be free, Bear witness for me, how I hoped and feared!
Sayfa 8 - Her father loved me ; oft invited me ; Still questioned me the story of my life From year to year ; the battles, sieges, fortunes That I have passed.
Sayfa 26 - Would I describe a preacher, such as Paul, Were he on earth, would hear, approve, and own, Paul should himself direct me. I would trace His master-strokes, and draw from his design. I would express him simple, grave, sincere ; In doctrine uncorrupt ; in language plain, And plain in manner ; decent, solemn, chaste, And natural in gesture ; much...
Sayfa 10 - When you shall these unlucky deeds relate, Speak of me as I am; nothing extenuate, Nor set down aught in malice. Then must you speak Of one that loved not wisely but too well...
Sayfa 62 - On the other hand, this series is designed to supplement and not to supplant the teacher. Exposition and discussion are therefore confined to narrow limits. The object of the promoters has been to present in as brief space as possible a conspectus of the main features of the languages. 3.— Uniformity of Size and Type. All the Grammars are printed in three sizes of type— Small Pica, Long Primer, and Brevier — corresponding to three stages of learning. A line down the margin gives additional...
Sayfa 50 - ... say said said see saw seen seek sought sought sell sold sold send sent sent set set set shake shook shaken...
Sayfa 20 - I tell you that which you yourselves do know; Show you sweet Caesar's wounds, poor poor dumb mouths, And bid them speak for me: but were I Brutus, And Brutus Antony, there were an Antony Would ruffle up your spirits and put a tongue In every wound of Caesar that should move The stones of Rome to rise and mutiny.
Sayfa 62 - THE following are the distinguishing features of this Series : 1.— Uniformity of Classification and Terminology. The same grammatical phenomenon is classified alike, and named alike wherever found. Slightly different phenomena are described by slightly different but not inconsistent names. A pupil using these Grammars will therefore not be distracted by discordant grammatical views or puzzled by divergent formulas where a single formula would suffice. The order of the various Grammars being identical,...
Sayfa 14 - The Noun, the Adjective, and the Adverb may be replaced by other parts of speech doing the same work in the sentence.

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