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-a Monody on the death of Sir John Moore, written by M. G. Lewis, Esq. to be recited by Miss Marriott :- with Is he a Prince ? Lindorf = Abbott : Blufberg Lovegrove : Miss Crackenburg = Mrs. Grove.

21. Miss Fisher's last bt. Hero of the North, with Edgar and Emmeline. Miss Fisher acted Gunilda and Emmeline.

23. Mallinson's bt. Days of Yore. Alfred = Bengough : Voltimar=Egerton: Adela = Miss Marriott : - with Sword of Peace. Lieut. Dormer = Egerton : Jefferys = Mallinson : Mrs. Tartar = Mrs. Grove : Eliza= Miss Fisher :-and Fortune's Frolic. Robin Roughhead = Mallinson.

April 4. Lovegrove acted Justice Woodcock. 11. Country Girl = Mrs. Jordan, her 1st app. there.

13 and 15. Mrs. Jordan acted Lady Teazle, and Letitia Hardy.

18 and 20. Mrs. Jordan acted Violante, and Widow Cheerly.

22. Inconstant. Young Mirabel = Egerton : Bisarre = Mrs. Jordan.

25. Man and Wife. Charles Austencourt = Abbott : Helen = Mrs. Jordan: Lady Worrett=Mrs. Grove:—with Sultan. Roxalana = Mrs. Jordan.

27. Much ado. Benedick = Egerton : Dogberry = Lovegrove : Beatrice = Mrs. Jordan :- with Three Weeks after Marriage. Drugget = Lovegrove: Lady Racket = Mrs. Jordan.

29. All in the Wrong, and Matrimony. Mrs. Jordan acted Belinda and Clara.

May 2. Mrs. Jordan's bt. Way to keep him. Lovemore = Egerton: Sir Bashful Constant=Love

grove: Widow Bellmour=Mrs. Jordan : Mrs. Lovemore=Miss Marriott :-with Devil to Pay. Jobs on = Lovegrove: Nell= Mrs. Jordan.

June 1. Rivals, and Turnpike Gate – Munden acted Sir Anthony Absolute, and Crack.

3. Road to Ruin, and Rival Soldiers—Munden acted Dornton, and Nipperkin.

6. Poor Gentleman. Sir Robert Bramble = Munden : Frederick = Egerton : Ollapod = Mallinson : Humphry =Cunningham : (very good) Miss Lucretia Mac Tab = Mrs. Grove:-with School for Authors. Diaper = Munden.

8. Munden acted Sir F. Gripe, and Deaf Lover.

10. Birthday. Capt. Bertram = Munden : Jack Junk = Mallinson: Emma = Miss Jameson :- with Farmer. Jemmy Jumps = Munden.

13. Munden acted Old Rapid, and Darby.

16. Munden's bt. Birthday-with Turnpike Gate - and Two Strings to your Bow. Lazarillo = Munden :-Munden excelled chiefly in Dornton—Sir Robert Bramble — Sir Francis Gripe--and Capt. Bertram—the last part met with unusual applause.

July 8. Theatrical Fund. Exile. Count Ulrick = Bengough: Governor of Siberia = Lovegrove : Daran= Egerton : Servitz= Mallinson: Alexina= Miss Jameson.

29. Much ado. Benedick=C. Kemble : Beatrice = Mrs. C. Kemble :—with Of Age To-morrow. Maria = Mrs. C. Kemble.

D. L. COMPANY AT LYCEUM 1809-1810.

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The Lyceum theatre was opened under the special license of the Lord Chamberlain, granted to the joint application of all parties principally interested.

Sep. 25. Duenna. Lay Brother = Oxberry, his 1st app. in this Company :-with Mayor of Garratt.

27. Oxberry acted Robin Roughhead.
28. She Stoops to Conquer—29. John Bull.

Oct. 2. Jealous Wife-Raymond announced as
Stage Manager.

3. Dowton acted Dr. Pangloss, 1st time.

7. Wrench, from Bath and York, made his 1st app. in Belcour, and Tristram Fickle.

12. Mathews acted Daniel Dowlas.

14. Soldier's Daughter. Frank Heartall = Wrench: Timothy Quaint=Edward Knight, from York, 1st app. : Widow Cheerly = Mrs. Edwin, from Dublin, 1st app. :--with Fortune's Frolic. Robin Roughhead =Knight.

16. Stranger = Raymond : – with Three and Deuce. 3 Singles by De Camp.

19. Mrs. Edwin acted Violante.

20. Grieving is a Folls, with Prize. Lenitive= Wrench : Label = Knight: Caroline = Miss Kelly.

21. Will. Howard = Wrench : Albina Mandeville = Mrs. Edwin :- with Three Weeks after Marriage. Lady Racket = Mrs. Edwin.

23. Beaux Stratagem. Archer = Wrench : Scrub = Dowton : Mrs. Sullen = Miss Duncan.

25. Never acted, Britain's Jubilee --MathewsDowton - Miss Kelly- this Musical Entertainment is attributed to Arnold - it was written to celebrate the entrance of the King on the 50th year of his reign. (Oulton.)

26. Wrench acted Marplot.

27. Poor Gentleman. Frederick = Wrench : Ol- . lapod=Mathews.

28. Jew. Sheva =Dowton : Jabal = Mathews,
30. Wheel of Fortune. Penruddock = Raymond.
Nov. 1. Rivals. Capt. Absolute = Wrench.

2. Dramatist. Vapid = Melvin from York, 1st app. there : Lord Scratch = Penson :—with No Song no Supper. Robin = Melvin.

4. Ranger = Melvin : Clarinda = Miss Duncan. 6. Benedick=Wrench: Beatrice = Mrs. Edwin.

8. Charles Surface=Melvin : Lady Teazle = Mrs. Edwin.

9. Melvin acted George Barnwell and Lenitive.

11. Midnight Hour. Nicholas = Mathews : Flora = Mrs. Edwin.

13. Man and Wife. Charles Austencourt = Wrench : Helen Worrett = Mrs. Edwin.

14. Matrimony. Delaval = Wrench: Clara = Mrs. Edwin.

15. Belle's Stratagem. Doricourt = Melvin.

20. Man and Wife, with, never acted, Not at Home. Spectre = Mathews : Lovell = Melvin : Fitzalban (in love with Emily)= De Camp: Lord Sedley = Holland : Cuffee (a black — servant to

Lovell) = Oxberry: Mrs. Lovell = Mrs. Orger : Emily Melvil (in love with Fitzalban) = Mrs. Mathews :-acted about 10 times-Lovell is jealous of his wife—not that he has any reason to doubt her honour, but because he is fearful that the artifices which he had formerly practised against other women, should now be practised against his wifeLovell is Not at Home to any of his friends, except Spectre, who is so ugly that he is not afraid of him -Spectre's ugliness is however rather artificial than natural —Oulton says, that Mathews 'wore a false tooth in front, and, by tying a string across his nose to flatten it, rendered himself most ludicrously ugly -Spectre has a design on Mrs. Lovell—she makes her husband privy to it—he is cured of his jealousy —there is an insipid underplot-Lord Sedley attempts to carry off Emily-she is rescued by Fitzalban-Lovell is a good character--that of Spectre extends not only to the utmost verge of broad Farce (as Dallas acknowledges in his preface) but beyond it-in the hands of such an actor as Mathews it might please in representation—the underplot seems to have been omitted on the 12th of Dec.

23. Bold Stroke for a Wife. Feignwell = Melvin.

25. Cabinet. Peter = Melvin: Floretta = Miss Kelly.

28. Young Mirabel = Melvin : Bisarre = Mrs. Edwin.

Dec. 1. Honey Moon. Duke Aranza= Melvin.

5. Merry Wives. Falstaff=R. Palmer: Sir Hugh =Dowton : Dr. Caius = Wewitzer.

7. Castle Spectre. Angela = Mrs. Edwin :—with Of Age To.morrow. Maria=Miss Kelly, 1st time.



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