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play in 3 acts was written by Eyre -it is founded on Dr. Moore's Zeluco-Eyre has foolishly changed the name of Zeluco to Salerno—the scene lies at Naples

- Julia was in love with Waldenheim, but, in order to make a provision for her mother, she had consented to marry Salerno -Salerno neglects her, and passes his time with Cosenza Cosenza artfully insi. nuates that Julia's attachment to Polwitz is of a suspicious nature-Salerno fancies that his child by Julia is really the child of Julia and Polwitz-Cosenza has a design on Le Tour--she endeavours to pass herself on him for Julia-in the 2d act Julia receives a letter-Salerno snatches it from her-he reads the first part of it, which excites his suspicions

- he gives it to Signora Clementi to read the remainder- the remainder relates to himself and Co. senza—in the 3d act, Eyre deviates greatly from Dr. Moore—Julia supposes that Salerno had killed the child-on the entrance of Salerno she rushes out Salerno hires some Lazeroni to carry off Julia—they carry

off Cosenza instead-Salerno is not killed - but in order to restore Julia to happiness and liberty, Eyre dissolves the marriage, without a vast deal more of ceremony than Farquhar uses in the Stratagem - the child is preserved in the most improbable manner -Eyre has written the part of Signora Clementi with spirit and the letter-scene is adroitly managed -the rest of the piece has not much to recommend it—the foundation of this play was laid while Eyre was on the Bath stage-a Gentleman recommended him to introduce part of the character of the Braggard Captain of Plautus -not his military boasting, but his vanity with regard to women, which betrays him into a serious scrape-Eyre left Bath abruptly, and having only a vague notion of what was intended, he patched up the trumpery character of Le Tour. .

19. Munden acted the Deaf Lover. 24. Tale of Mystery. Romaldi = Terry, 1st time.

28. Never acted there, Way to get Married. Tangent = Jones: Toby Allspice = Mathews : Caustic= Munden : Clementina Allspice = Mrs. Gibbs.

29. Never acted there, Doldrum. Sir Marmaduke =Munden : Septimus - Mathews : Gyp = Jones : Mrs. Auburne = Mrs. Williams.

Sep. 5. Never acted there, Who wants a Guinea ? Solomon Gundy = Mathews : Torrent – Munden: Barford = Terry: Sir Larry Mac Murragh = Jones : Fanny = Mrs. Gibbs : Mrs. Glastonbury = Mrs. Grove. 10. For bt. of Mrs. Gibbs. Africans.

Africans. Selico = Terry: Mug= Liston, from C. G. :-with Bombastes Furioso, and Killing no Murder – Liston acted Bombastes, and Belvi.

12. For bt. of Jones. Laugh when you can, in 3 acts. Gossamer-Jones: Bonus = Munden : Miss Gloomly Mrs. Grove :- with Modern Antiques. Cockletop = Munden : Joey = Mathews.

15. Half price taken as last season.

19. Salter's bt. Soldier's Daughter. Governor Heartall=Terry, 1st time : Frank Heartall = Salter, 1st time: Timothy Quaint = Mathews.

22. Kent's bt. Five Miles Off—with Love laughs at Locksmiths. Capt. Beldare = Kent.

23. Such things are. Twineall = Mathews, 1st time.

28. For bt. of Mathews. Africans. Mug =

Mathews, 1st time :—with (not acted 22 years) Manager in Distress--in which will be introduced the Quadrupeds of Quedlinburgh-characters in Manager in Distress-Bustleton = Terry : Orator = Mathews : Lady = Mrs. Grove :--characters in the RomanceBathos =Grant: Rogero = Mathews.

30. Inkle and Yarico. Inkle=Salter : Sir Christopher Curry=Munden : Trudge = Mathews.

Oct. 2. Terry acted Octavian, 1st time.

8. Terry's bt. Othello = Elliston : Iago = Terry: Æmilia = Mrs. Litchfield, her 1st app. on the stage these 6

years. 9. (Last night) Africans.

BATH 1811-1812.

Oct. 5-12 and 19. Miss Feron acted.

26. Royal Oak. Charles the 2d= Abbott: William Wyndham = Stanley : Col. Wyndham = Bengough.

Nov. 2. My Grandmother. Florella = Miss Kelly, from D. L. Company :-she was Miss H. Kellyafterwards Mrs. T. Hill.

Elliston acted 7 nights--this was announced as without any

his last professional visit to Bath—his parts wereHoward in Will – Venetian Outlaw, &c.

Mathews acted 3 nights-he was excellent in Cypher, and very good in Mingle.

Dec. 7. Peasant Boy. Julian = Miss Jameson : Hippolito = Hill, late of C. G.: Ludovico = Woulds.

Jan. - Braham acted about 9 nights.

24. Recruiting Officer, revived. Plume = Stanley : Sylvia = Miss Jameson :—they both acted very well.

Feb. 15. Earl of Essex. Essex = Betty, his 1st app. in public these 4 years :-Betty came to Bath

intention of acting—he was much solicited to return to the stage by some ladies, and he consented to do so-- there was no alteration in him, except that he was now grown a stout young manhe was much frightened when he first came on, which was by no means to his discredit, but rather on the contrary.

18 and 20. Betty acted Achmet, and Hamlet.

It would have been unfair to have given a decided opinion about Betty on his first performance, but after he had acted Hamlet, it might be said, without any scruple, that he was the worst actor who ever came before the public (except in a part for trial) as a first rate performer-Betty acted 4 nights more.

29. Blue Beard--Harris having on the 26th of December introduced a live Elephant on his stage, now lent his dead Elephant to the Bath managerthe bill for this evening announced that Abomelique would make his entry on the Elephant originally used at C. G.

March 3, Boarding House, or Five Hours at Brighton - this musical F. was written by Beazley

-it was brought out at the Lyceum Aug. 26th 1811 -the 2d edition is printed with the following castFidget (keeper of the Boarding House) = Lovegrove : Simon Spatterdash (a local militia man) = Knight: Young Contract (a pugilist) = Oxberry : Alderman Contract (guardian to Caroline Heartley) = Wewitzer : Admiral Culpepper (her uncle) = Penson : Capt. Belfast=J. Smith : Caroline Heartley=Miss H. Kelly : Caroline Wheatsheaf = Mrs. Orger :Capt. Belfast and Caroline Heartley are mutually in love --her guardian wants her to marry Young Con. tract_Young Contract had deserted Caroline Wheatsheaf—she follows him to Brighton, and tells her story to Caroline Heartley-Caroline Heartley pretends to consent to her union with Young Contract, on condition that he will give a written promise to marry her-he writes the promise with the name of Caroline only inserted in it-Caroline Heartley gives the written promise to Caroline Wheatsheaf-at the conclusion, Capt. Belfast and Young Contract marry Miss Heartley and Caroline Wheatsheaf-Fidget is the best character.

5. Doubtful Son. Malvogli = Sowerby :-he played this part very well.

7. For bt. of Woulds and Mrs. Chatterley. Road to Ruin. Goldfinch = Woulds : Dornton = Chatterley: Harry Dornton = Abbott: Silky = Evans : Widow Warren = Mrs. Chatterley : Sophia

= Miss Kelly :-with Lethe, in one act. Lord Chalkstone = Chatterley : Frenchman=Gattie : Drunken Man = Woulds: Mrs. Riot = Mrs. Chatterley :- and, never acted there, False Friend, or the Assassin of the Rocks. Mandeville = Vining : Zaluch (a friendly

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