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Stanley: Moors conspiring against Zulieman = Charlton, &c.: Bacbarah = Chatterley : Cecilia (wife to Fernando) = Mrs. Weston : Sylvia (his daughter) = Mrs. Vining :-not acted a 2d time -- this was a musical Drama in 3 acts--the bulk of it was serious - the principal incident—that of the engraving on the rock — was certainly taken from the Desert Island—(see D. L. Jan. 24 1760)-probably more — the characters of Fernando, Cecilia, and Sylvia were perhaps founded on those of Ferdinand, Constantia, and Sylvia, in Murphy's piece-Zulieman is not printed

17. First time, Orphan of the Castle, or the Black Banner. Abbot of Corbey=Ash : Prince Palatine Vandenhoff: Young Ravensberg = Warde: Christopher = Woulds : Oliver = Ayliffe : Baron Ravensberg = Charlton : Agnes = Mrs. Vining : Ulrica = Miss Greville : Countess Roland = Mrs. Cunningham :— this play was an alteration of the Free Knights, or the Edict of Charlemagne- -Dimond omitted the character of Count Roland-added a striking scene from the 4th act of the Secret Tribunal—and made other additions froin the Romance of Herman of Unna, on which both these pieces were founded --Reynolds' play was greatly improved, but the expense bestowed on it would have been better bestowed on a better play.

April Kemble acted 15 nights.

17. Road to Ruin. Goldfinch = Mathews : Harry Dornton = Warde :-- with Sleep Walker. Somno= Mathews :-On the 16th, one of the coaches in which the Bath Company were going to Bristol, was overturned-Chatterley made a shift to act Silky-his name was in the bill for Dr. Cantwell, but he was too ill to act.

19. Hypocrite. Maw-worm = Mathews : Col. Lambert = Stanley : — with Killing no Murder. Buskin=Mathews :-Mathews in Maw-worm was truly comic.

21. Good-natured Man, in 3 acts. Croaker = Mathews :—with Sleep Walker_Mathews acted Croaker very well, but the play on the whole went off very flatly.

24. Bold Stroke for a Wife. Col. Feignwell Mathews : Periwinkle = Chatterley :

:- with Dead Alive Motley = Mathews :—Mathews acted Feignwell pretty well, but was very bad in the tags.

26. Mathews acted Dr. Pother, and Lying Valet.

28. For bt. of Mathews. Who wants a Guinea ? in 3 acts. Solomon Gundy = Mathews : Jonathan Oldskirt = Chatterley :--after which, the 1st act of Love a-la-Mode. Sir Archy

= Mathews, after Cooke's manner :-a Dissertation on Hobbies, in humble imitation of the celebrated Amateur of Fashion-and Killing no Murder—in the course of the Farce, Kemble -Cooke- Munden -- Fawcett Bannister – Blanchard – Braham — and Incledon, will give their different ideas how Hamlet's advice to the players should be delivered—Mathews in his imitation of Cooke as Sir Archy was correct and perfect—but in general he was apt to give a caricature rather than an exact likeness of the performer whom he imitated--this was particularly the case with his Kemble as Penruddock --nothing could be more diverting than Hamlet's advice as above, but much of it was an unfair imitation-Mathews in

his imitation of the Amateur, was ridiculous to the last degree, but an actor, who had heard the Amateur recite the Hobbies, assured me, that Mathews was not more absurd than the Amateur himself.

31, For bt. of Miss Summers. Miller and his Men, with Intrigue. Capt. Rambleton = Stanley : Tom= Chatterley : Ellen = Mrs. Chatterley - and the Pageant of the Jubilee, as originally performed at Stratford upon Avon, in commemoration of Shaks. peare--an unpardonable mistake was committed on this evening ---the scene selected as a specimen of King Lear, was that in which Edgar rescues Cordelia from the Ruffians.

In the course of the season Warde acted-George Barnwell—Young Norval-Oroonoko- Rolla - Frederick Bertram-Edgar in King Lear - Portius — Capt. Ambush-Posthumus- Woodville in Chapter of Accidents, &c.

Stanley acted—Don Felix-Campley in Funeral Henry 5th-Ribemont in Black Prince, &c.


This is one of the MS. plays destroyed by Mr. Warburton's servant-fortunately there existed another copy of it—this manuscript was left to the Bodleian Library in 1755—it was printed at Oxford in 1814-it had been acted at Blackfriars-the scene lies in Burgundy— Aramant and Millecert are brothers—their father on his deathbed had given Aramant the choice of having his estate, or of persisting in his attachment to Emilia-he preferred Emilia, . and the estate was given to Millecert-here the play begins-Aramant introduces Millecert to Emiliahe falls in love with her-Emilia, on finding that Aramant has missed the estate, is easily prevailed on to marry Millecert - Aramant loses his sensesEmilia is so jealous of the superiour beauty of her sister Cloris, that she secludes her from society Cloris falls in love with Aramant from the report which she has heard of him-she 'makes her escape - she meets with Aramant in the woods—she applies a sovereign balm to him, by which he recovers his senses — while the medicine is operating on Aramant, the Duke enters -he falls in love with Cloris, and carries her to court-Millecert is soon disgusted with Emilia-he gives up the estate to his brotherhe assumes a disguise, and calls himself GratusCloris is committed to his custody-Emilia employs him to poison Cloris - she does this in the hope of gaining the Duke's affections ---at the conclusion,

Cloris turns out to be the Duke's daughter-he consents to her union with Aramant-Emilia is penitent -and Millecert is reconciled to her this is on the whole a good play-it was written by Arthur Wilson-he is said to have written two other plays -the Switzer and the Corporal—the D. P. of the Corporal is printed at the end of the Inconstant Lady-two of these plays were entered on the Stationers' books in 1646, and the other in 1653.

D. L. 1814-1815.

Sep. 20. (First night) Rivals, with an occasional address, by Mrs. Edwin.

Oct. 1. School for Scandal. Sir Peter = Wroughton. 3. Richard 3d = Kean— 4. Man and Wife. 6. Othello = Kean :-with Honest Thieves.

8. Rule a Wife. Leon= Elliston : Copper Captain = Bannister. 13. (and 27) Hamlet = Kean : Ophelia

= Mrs. Bartley late Miss Smith,

15. Never acted, Policy or Thus runs the World away. Old Fathom = Lovegrove : Sylvanus Fathom

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