The Benefits of Joy, Love, Peace, and Salvation

Ön Kapak
AuthorHouse, 2008 - 264 sayfa
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'The Benefit of Joy, Love, Peace, and Salvation: The Book for True Believers' is a written work of passion. It seeks to reveal to its' readers God's covenant with man. Man's journey to benefit from joy, love, peace and salvation without Christ has always led to his afflictions upon himself and upon each other (mankind). Man's stolen birth right by Satan was intended to have man relinquish his rightful place in God's ultimate plan for man. Therefore, the restoration of God's perfect redemption for man was set into motion. It took centuries for the prophesy of man's redemption to be fulfilled and it is intended to last forever. These writings quote scriptures, exemplify miracles, and simplistically portrays for its' readers the role salvation renders to one's life; the joy, peace and love that will benefit man's life, once it is understood and the path of righteousness adhered. In 2 Chronicles 7: 14 the scripture instructs us that if mankind will do the things God requires, the Lord God is obligated or compelled to hear our prayer and heal our land. This is The Book for True Believers; it is easy to read and promises that upon completion you will never be the same. Remember it is written; the wicked will not win this battle.

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