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phet Esaias. And when he had Feb. 21, June 20, Oct. 18.

opened the book, he found the

place where it was written, The AN

ND Jesus being full of the Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

Holy Ghost returned from because he hath anointed me to Jordan, and was led by the Spi- | preach the gospel to the poor ; rit into the wilderness, being forty he hath sent me to heal the brodays tempted of the devil. And kenhearted, to preach deliverance in those days he did eat nothing: to the captives, and recovering and when they were ended, he of sight to the blind, to set at afterward hungered. And the de- liberty them that are bruised, to vil said unto him, If thou be the preach the acceptable year of the Son of God, command this stone Lord. And he closed the book, that it be made bread. And Jesus and he gave it again to the minisanswered him, saying, It is writ- ter, and sat down. And the eyes ten, That man shall not live by of all them that were in the sybread alone, but by every word nagogue were fastened on him. of God. And the devil, taking him And he began to say unto them, up into an high mountain, shewed This day is this scripture fulfilled unto him all the kingdoms of the in your ears. And all bare him world in a moment of time. And witness, and wondered at the grathe devil said unto him, All this cious words which proceeded out power will I give thee, and the of his mouth. And they said, Is glory of them: for that is deliver- not this Joseph's son? And he ed unto me; and to whomsoever said unto them, Ye will surely I will I give it. If thou therefore say unto me this proverb, Phywilt worship me, all shall be thine. sician, heal thyself: whatsoever And Jesus answered and said un- we have heard done in Caperto him, Get thee behind me, Sa- naum, do also here in thy countan: for it is written, Thou shalt try. And he said, Verily I say unto worship the Lord thy God, and you, No prophet is accepted in him only shalt thou serve. And his own country. But I tell you he brought him to Jerusalem, of a truth, many widows were in and set him on a pinnacle of the Israel in the days of Elias, when temple, and said unto him, If the heaven was shut up three thou bé the Son of God, cast thy- years and six months, when great self down from hence: for it is famine was throughout all the written, He shall give his angels land; but unto none of them was charge over thee, to keep thee: Elias sent, save unto Sarepta, a and in their hands they shall bear city of Sidon, unto a woman that thee up, lest at any time thou was a widow. And many lepers dash thy foot against a stone. And were in Israel in the time of EliJesus answering said unto him, seus the prophet; and none of It is said, Thou shalt not tempt them was cleansed, saving Naathe Lord thy God. And when the man the Syrian. And all they in devil had ended all the tempta- the synagogue, when they heard tion, he departed from him for these things, were filled with a season. And Jesus returned in wrath, and rose up, and thrust the power of the Spirit into Ga- him out of the city, and led him lilee: and there went out a fame unto the brow of the hill whereof him through all the region on their city was built, that they round about. And he taught in might cast him down headlong. their synagogues, being glorified But he passing through the midst of all. And he came to Nazareth, of them went his way, and came where he had been brought up: down to Capernaum, a city of and, as his custom was, he went Galilee, and taught them on the into the synagogue on the sab- sabbath days. And they were asbath day, and stood up for to tonished at his doctrine: for his read. And there was delivered word was with power. And in the unto him the book of the pro- synagogue there was a man, which had a spirit of an unclean devil, one of the ships, which was Si. and cried out with a loud voice, mon's, and prayed him that he saying, Let us alone; what have would thrust out a little from the we to do with thee, thou Jesus of land. And he sat down, and Nazareth ? art thou come to de- taught the people out of the ship. stroy us? I know thee who thou Now when he had left speaking, art; the Holy One of God. And he said unto Simon, Launch out Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold into the deep, and let down your thy peace, and come out of him. nets for a draught. And Simon And when the devil had thrown answering said unto him, Master, him in the midst, he came out of we have toiled all the night, and him, and hurt him not. And they have taken nothing: nevertheless were all amazed, and spake a- at thy word I will let down the mong themselves, saving, What a net. And when they had this word is this ! for with authority done, they inclosed a great muland power he commandeth the titude of fishes: and their net unclean spirits, and they come brake. And they beckoned umto out. And the fame of him went their partners, which were in the out into every place of the coun- other ship, that they should come try round about. And he arose and help them. And they came, out of the synagogue, and entered and filled both the ships, so that into Simon's house. And Simon's they began to sink. When Simon wife's mother was taken with a Peter saw it, he fell down at Jegreat fever; and they besought sus' knees, saying, Depart from him for her. And he stood over me; for I am a sinful man, o her, and rebuked the fever; and Lord. For he was astonished, and it left her: and immediately she all that were with him, at the arose and ministered unto them. draught of the fishes which they Now when the sun was setting, had taken: and so was also James, all they that had any sick with and John, the sons of Zebedee, divers diseases brought them unto which were partners with Simon. him; and he laid his hands on And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear every one of them, and healed not ; from henceforth thou shalt them. And devils also came out catch men. And when they had of many, crying out, and saying, brought their ships to land, they Thou art Christ the Son of God. forsook all, and followed' him. And he rebuking them suffered And it came to pass, when he them not to speak: for they knew was in a certain city, behold a that he was Christ. And when it man full of leprosy: who seeing was day, he departed and went Jesus fell on his face, and beinto a desert place: and the peo- sought him, saying, Lord, if thou ple sought him, and came unto wilt, thou canst make me clean. him, and stayed him, that he And he put forth his hand, and should not depart from them. touched him, saying, I will be And he said unto them, I must thou clean. And immediately the preach the kingdom of God to leprosy departed from him. And other cities also: for therefore am he charged him to tell no man: I sent. And he preached in the but go, and shew thyself to the synagogues of Galilee.

priest, and offer for thy cleansing, CHAP. V.

according as Moses commanded,

for a testimony unto them. But Feb. 22, June 21, Oct. 19.

so much the more went there a A ND it came to pass, that, as fame abroad of him: and great

the people pressed upon him multitudes came together to hear, to hear the word of God, he stood and to be healed by him of their by the lake of Gennesaret, and infirmities. And he withdrew him. saw two ships standing by the self into the wilderness, and praylake: but the fishermen were gone ed. And it came to pass on a cer. out of them, and were washing tain day, as he was teaching, that their nets. And he entered into there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by, which were the disciples of John fast often, come out of every town of Galilee, and make prayers, and likewise and Judæa, and Jerusalem : and the disciples of the Pharisees; but the power of the Lord was present thine eat and drink? And he said to heal them. And, behold, men unto them, Can ye make the chilbrought in a bed a man which dren of the bridechamber fast, was taken with a palsy: and they while the bridegroom is with them? sought means to bring him in, But the days will come, when the and to lay him before him. And bridegroom shall be taken away when they could not find by what from them, and then shall they way they might bring him in be- fast in those days. And he spake cause of the multitude, they went also a parable unto them; No upon the housetop, and let him man putteth a piece of a new gardown through the tiling with his ment upon an old; if otherwise, couch into the midst before Jesus. then both the new maketh a rent, And when he saw their faith, he and the piece that was taken out said unto him, Man, thy sins are of the new agreeth not with the forgiven thee. And the scribes and old. And no man putteth new the Pharisees began to reason, wine into old bottles; else the saying, Who is this which speak- new wine will burst the bottles, eth blasphemies? Who can forgive and be spilled, and the bottles sins, but God alone? But when shall perish. But new wine must Jesus perceived their thoughts, he be put into new bottles; and both answering said unto them, What are preserved. No man also havreason ye in your hearts? Whe- ing drunk old wine straightway ther is easier, to say, Thy sins be desireth new: for he saith, The forgiven thee; or to say, Rise up old is better. and walk? But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power

CHAP. VI. upon earth to forgive sins, (he Feb. 23, June 22, Oct. 20. said unto the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take


second sabbath after the first, up thy couch, and go into thine at he went through the corn house. And immediately he rose fields; and his disciples plucked up before them, and took up that the ears of corn, and did eat, whereon he lay, and departed to rubbing them in their hands. And his own house, glorifying God. certain of the Pharisees said unto And they were all amazed, and them, Why do ye that which is they glorified God, and were filled not lawful to do on the sabbath with fear, saying, We have seen days? And Jesus answering them strange things to day. And after said, Have ye not read so much these things he went forth, and as this, what David did, when saw a publican, named Levi, sit- himself was an hungred, and they ting at the receipt of custom: and which were with him; how he went he said unto him, Follow me. And into the house of God, and did he left all, rose up, and followed take and eat the shewbread, and him. And Levi made him a great gave also to them that were with feast in his own house: and there him; which it is not lawful to eat was a great company of publicans but for the priests alone? And he and of others that sat down with said unto them, That the Son of them. But their scribes and Pha- man is Lord also of the sabbath. risees murmured against his dis- And it came to pass also on anciples, saying, Why do ye eat and other sabbath, that he entered drink with publicans and sinners? into the synagogue and taught : And Jesus answering said unto and there was a man whose right them, They that are whole need hand was withered. And the not a physician; but they that are scribes and Pharisees watched sick. I came not to call the righ- him, whether he would heal on teous, but sinners to repentance. the sabbath day; that they might And they said unto him, Why do find an accusation against him. But he knew their thoughts, and ward is great in heaven: for in said to the man which had the the like manner did their fathers withered hand, Rise up, and unto the prophets. But woe unto stand forth in the midst. And he you that are rich ! for ye have rearose and stood forth. Then said ceived your consolation. Woe unJesus unto them, I will ask you to you that are full! for ye shall one thing; Is it lawful on the hunger. Woe unto you that laugh sabbath days to do good, or to do now! for ye shall mourn and evil ? to save life, or to destroy weep. Woe unto you, when all it? And looking round about men shall speak well of you ! for upon them all, he said unto the so did their fathers to the false man, Stretch forth thy hand. And prophets. But I say unto you he did so: and his hand was re- which hear, Love your enemies, stored whole as the other. And do good to them which hate you, they were filled with madness; bless them that curse you, and and communed one with anothier pray for them which despitefully what they might do to Jesus. use you. And unto him that smit. And it caine to pass in those days, eth thee on the one cheek offer that he went out into a mountain also the other; and him that takto pray, and continued all night eth away thy cloke forbid not to in prayer to God. And when it take thy coat also. Give to every was day, he called unto him his man that asketh of thee; and of disciples: and of them he chose him that taketh away thy goods twelve, whom also he named a- ask them not again. And as ye postles; Simon, (whom he also would that men should do to you, named Peter,) and Andrew his do ye also to them likewise. For brother, James and Jolin, Philip if ye love them which love you, and Bartholomew, Matthew and what thank have ye? for sinners Thomas, James the son of Al- also love those that love them. phæus, and Simon called Zelotes, And if ye do good to them which and Judas the brother of James, do good to you, what thank have and Judas Iscariot, which also ye? for sinners also do even the was the traitor.

And he came same. And if ye lend to them of down with them, and stood in whom ye hope to receive, what the plain, and the company of thank have ye? for sinners also his disciples, and a great multi- lend to sinners, to receive as much tude of people out of all Judæa again. But love ye your enemies, and Jerusalem, and from the sea and do good, and lend, hoping coast of Tyre and Sidon, which for nothing again; and your recame to hear him, and to be ward shall be great, and ye shall healed of their diseases; and they be the children of the Highest : that were vexed with unclean spi- for he is kind unto the unthankful rits: and they were healed. And and to the evil. Be ye therefore the whole multitude sought to merciful, as your Father also is touch him : for there went virtue merciful. Judge not, and ye shall out of him, and healed them all. not be judged: condemn not, and And he lifted up his eyes on his ye shall not be condemned: for. disciples, and said, Blessed be yc give, and ye shall be forgiven : poor: for your's is the kingdom give, and it shall be given unto of God. Blessed are ye that hun- you; good measure, pressed down, ger now: for ye shall be filled. and shaken together, and running Blessed are ye that weep now: over, shall men give into your for ye shall laugh. Blessed are bosom. For with the same meaye, when men shall hate you, sure that ye mete withal it shall and when they shall separate you be measured to you again. And from their company, and shall re- he spake a parable unto them, proach you, and cast out your Can the blind lead the blind ? name as evil, for the Son of man's shall they not both fall into the sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and ditch? The disciple is not above leap for joy: for, behold, your re- his master: but every one that


is perfect shall be as his master. that he would come and heal his And why beholdest thou the mote servant. And when they came to that is in thy brother's eye, but Jesus, they besought him instantperceivest not the beam that is ly, saying, That he was worthy for in thine own eye? Either how whom he should do this : for he canst thou say to thy brother, loveth our nation, and he hath Brother, let me pull out the mote built us a synagogue. Then Jesus that is in thine eye, when thou went with them. And when he thyself beholdest not the beam was now not far from the house, that is in thine own eye? Thou the centurion sent friends to him, hypocrite, cast out first the beam saying unto him, Lord, trouble out of thine own eye, and then not thyself: for I am not worthy shalt thou see clearly to pull out that thou shouldest enter under the mote that is in thy brother's my roof: wherefore neither thought eye. For a good tree bringeth not I myself worthy to come unto forth corrupt fruit; neither doth thee: but say in a word, and my a corrupt tree bring forth good servant shall be healed. For I fruit. For every tree is known by also am a man set under authohis own fruit. For of thorns men rity, having under me soldiers, do not gather figs, nor of a bram- and I say unto one, Go, and he ble bush gather they grapes. A goeth; and to another, Come, and good man out of the good trea- he cometh ; and to my servant, sure of his heart bringeth forth Do this, and he doeth it. When that which is good; and an evil Jesus heard these things, he marman out of the evil treasure of velled at him, and turned him about, his heart bringeth forth that which and said unto the people that folis evil : for of the abundance of lowed him, I say unto you, I have the heart his mouth speaketh. not found so great faith, no, not And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, in Israel. And they that were sent, and do not the things which I returning to the house, found the say? Whosoever cometh to me, servant whole that had been sick. and heareth my sayings, and do- And it came to pass the day afeth them, I will shew you to ter, that he went into a city called whom he is like: he is like a man Nain; and many of his disciples which built an house, and digged went with him, and much people. deep, and laid the foundation on Now when he came nigh to the a rock: and when the flood arose, gate of the city, behold, there was the stream beat vehemently upon a dead man carried out, the only that house, and could not shake son of his mother, and she was a it: for it was founded upon a widow: and much people of the rock. But he that heareth, and city was with her. And when the doeth not, is like a man that Lord saw her, he had compassion without a foundation built an on her, and said unto her, Weep house upon the earth; against not. And he came and touched which the stream did beat vehe- the bier: and they that bare him mently, and immediately it fell; stood still. And he said, Young and the ruin of that house was man, I say unto thee, Arise. And great.

he that was dead sat up, and beCHAP. VII.

gan to speak. And he delivered

him to his mother. And there 24, June 23, Oct. 21.

came a fear on all : and they glo

rified God, saying, That a great his sayings in the audience prophet is risen up among us; and, of the people, he entered into That God hath visited his people. Capernaum. And a certain cen- And this rumour of him went turion's servant, who was dear forth throughout all Judæa, and unto him, was sick, and ready throughout all the region round to die. And when he heard of about. And the disciples of John Jesus, he sent unto him the eld- shewed him of all these things. ers of the Jews, beseeching him And John calling unto him two

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