Memoirs of the Life of Peter Daniel Huet, Bishop of Avranches, 2. cilt

Ön Kapak
Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme ; and Cadell and Davies, 1810

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Sayfa 329 - Je vis éloigné de la France, Sans besoin et sans abondance, Content d'un vulgaire destin. J'aime la vertu sans rudesse, J'aime le plaisir sans mollesse, J'aime la vie et n'en crains pas la fin.
Sayfa 21 - ... observation, all which I carefully recorded. And although we had no lack of careful dissectors, yet we sometimes, when peculiar nicety of experiment was required, employed our own hands. For myself, being short-sighted, it was particularly my study to obtain demonstrations of the fabric of the eye. I can safely affirm that with my own hand I have dissected more than three hundred eyes taken from the heads of animals of every species.
Sayfa 246 - Mornay, son confident, mais jamais son flatteur ; Trop vertueux soutien du parti de l'erreur ; Qui, signalant toujours son zèle et sa prudence, Servit également son église et la France ; Censeur des courtisans, mais à la cour aimé ; Fier ennemi de Rome, et de Rome estimé.
Sayfa 66 - Mais, si sur votre front je puis me voir un jour, La plus humble des fleurs sera la plus superbe.
Sayfa 297 - Having contracted an acquaintance with many of the most eminent literary characters of his time, he...
Sayfa 488 - ... is natural reason enlarged by a new set of discoveries communicated by God immediately; which reason vouches the truth of, by the testimony and proofs it gives that they come from God. So that he that takes away reason to make way for revelation, puts out the light of both...
Sayfa 21 - ... any of the patients should die of an unknown malady, he should give me a summons that we might ascertain the disease and the cause of death by dissection. Nor did we employ our industry on the human body alone, but carried our researches into those of quadrupeds, birds, fishes, serpents, and insects. In this course it is incredible how many new and singular objects, well worthy of remark, came under our observation, all which I carefully recorded. And although we had no lack of careful dissectors,...
Sayfa 176 - This appearing incredible to many of the company, I contended not only that it might be done, but that I could do it. As they expressed their astonishment at this assertion, that I might not be suspected of idle boasting, I immediately put it to the proof. I therefore took the fourth part of a common leaf of paper, and on its narrower side wrote a single line in so small a character that it contained twenty verses of the Iliad...
Sayfa 142 - Qui ne peut revenir, Tourment de ma pensee, Que n'ai-je en te perdant perdu le souvenir?
Sayfa 108 - Italic ; Et sous des noms Remains faisant notre portrait, Peindre Caton galant, et Brutus dameret.

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