Kappa Alpha Theta, 10. cilt

Ön Kapak
Fraternity, 1895

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Sayfa 8 - I sometimes think that never blows so red The Rose as where some buried Caesar bled; That every Hyacinth the Garden wears Dropt in her lap from some once lovely Head.
Sayfa 11 - I say, proceed summarily,' and he began to get up. I rose, too, then — about two feet taller than usual; I felt as if I was monarch of all I surveyed. I told him that if I understood him, he intended to move into the room. Said I: 'You will not only commit a trespass upon my property, but you will do violence upon my body. I don't intend to leave this room in a sound condition. If you undertake to do that, you will commit a crime as well as a trespass ! ' That seemed to stagger them, and finally...
Sayfa 10 - I was getting up. I told him I didn't mean any hurt to him, but I was a little in a hurry to go into my new home, and I thought I would make a beginning the night before. I asked him if he would not walk in and take a seat. I claimed to be the proprietor, and in possession.
Sayfa 11 - If you ask my advice, proceed summarily,' anJ then he began to get up. I rose, too, then — about two feet taller than usual ; I felt as if I was monarch of all I surveyed. I told him that if I understood him, he intended to move into the room. Said I :
Sayfa 46 - The chapters of fifty years ago were mere students' clubs, governed by the decrees of the faculty. The altered condition of college culture is due in no small degree to the Fraternity movement The student must be largely influenced by the moral force of his chosen associations. The time seems to be approaching when "student government...
Sayfa 47 - The time seems to be approaching when "student government" is to be regarded as well as "college government," and when the responsibility for the personal conduct of the student will be left to the students themselves. The Faculty of Amherst College has called to its aid a committee of students as the guardians of college order, while Bowdoin College has placed the discipline of the college in the hands of the students. This course arises, doubtless, largely from the influence of the Greek-letter...
Sayfa 54 - There is a new fad in town. It is to be found in the private stationery of certain college graduates. Instead of placing his family crest at the top of the page, the graduate has engraved a cut of his secret-society pin. This fashion is the outgrowth of the in crease in this city of clubs like the Delta Psi, Delta Phi, Psi U, JKE, Alpha Delta Phi, etc., having their origin in college secret societies.
Sayfa 53 - Women will find their place, and it will neither be that in which they have been held, nor that to which some of them aspire. Nature's old salique law will not be repealed, and no change of dynasty will be effected. The big chests, the massive brains, the vigorous muscles and stout frames of the best men will carry the day, whenever it is worth their while to contest the prizes of life with the best women.
Sayfa 55 - We, the undersigned fraternities, hereby adopt the following resolutions : " 1 . No mention of fraternities or fraternity matters of any kind shall be made by a member of any of these fraternities to any student or prospective student of Dartmouth College, who is not a member of any of these fraternities, before Nov.
Sayfa 145 - Infirmary. Clinics and operations in most of the City Hospitals and Dispensaries open to women students. For catalogues, etc.. address EMILY BLACKWELL, MD, Dean, 321 East 1 5th Street, New York.

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