Beatrice: And Other Poems

Ön Kapak
Macmillan, 1868 - 324 sayfa

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Sayfa 93 - Earth joys forever to sustain The bass eternal of the sea. And leaves flushed o'er with flowers of bliss Dance every one from shade to sun, Fresh youths and maidens yearn to kiss, As we have done, O little one. I lipped the joy, now yield my place, For me no more kind years may pour Who only want one meek-lit face, One face gone out for evermore ! But why, ah, why!
Sayfa 92 - ... aye For one more far-off glimpse of her, Scarce lovely to the loveless sky. And when among the crowds I move, Some air or dress, some tone or tress That savors of my own lost love Will draw me doting through the press. To find a stranger and dispel, And make to fleet, the glamor sweet, Fond glamor known for dream too well, More dear than all the friends I meet. With whisper of her mellowing grain, With treble of brook and bird and tree, Earth joys forever to sustain The bass eternal of the sea....
Sayfa 225 - Slant barring golden floor and inner wall. A locust-tree condensing all the light On glossy leaves, and flaky spilling some Sparkling among cool umbrage underneath; There magically sobered mellow soft At unaware beholding gently laid A youth barelimbed the loveliest in the world, Gloatingly falling on his lily side, Smoothing one rounded arm and dainty hand Whereon his head conscious and conquering All chestnut-curled rests listless and superb...
Sayfa 92 - The red-breast sidling shy to peck Wee crumbs that fill the window sill, Who timorous veers a tiny neck, From her pink palm sips tame and still. I only watched in church with her Through ivy stream the flickering beam, Under her sweet slim feet to stir And dally in a fond day-dream. Her singing never took by storm The listless ear, the stranger's ear, Yet hymns of seraph could not warm My heart like her frail accents near. I would to all fair sights that stir In earth and sky be blind for aye For...

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