Collectanea Archaeologica: Communications Made to the British Archaeological Association, 1. cilt

Ön Kapak
Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1862
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Sayfa 214 - Pentecost, [in the] 12th year of the reign of king Edward, son of king Edward.
Sayfa 83 - ... and having, like an almoner, placed them at a distance from him, he took them up one by one and ate them. The king requiring an explanation of this proceeding, Owen, with a smile, replied, " I thus follow the example of my lord...
Sayfa 32 - Druidical", Military, and other early Remains in Shropshire and the North Welsh Borders; with observations upon the Names of Places and a Glossary of Words, used in the County of Salop.
Sayfa 213 - Trowell' on the north side and the land of Robert son of William Badde on the south side, in the parish of St. George, Lincoln ; to have and to hold of me and my heirs to the...
Sayfa 160 - There were also found a piece of iron, round at top, two inches and a half long and one inch and a half...
Sayfa 198 - Pole, and all the lands which had belonged to her son Owen de la Pole, deceased, which he had held of the king in capite, and which were in the king's hands by reason of the minority of his heir.
Sayfa 210 - Lidleie, and Leie (perhaps Lee Botwood), to have and to hold to the said Fulk, his heirs and assigns, of the chief lords of the fee, by performance of all services due. Witnesses, Sir William le Botiler, Sir Roger Corbet, Sir Richard de Harleie, Sir William de Lodelowe, Sir Robert de Stepleton, Sir Richard de Lechton, Roger de Smethcote, and Richard de Eton.
Sayfa 200 - Wales, as also for two annual fairs there of three days duration, namely, on the eve, the day, and the morrow of the Translation of S. Thomas the martyr (July 6, 7, 8), and on the eve, the day, and the morrow of the festival of S.
Sayfa 228 - ... Bythemore, or De la More, sister and sole heir of John De la More (died 1540), Lord of Overwore, Nailsay, Batilborough, &c., co. Somerset. George Percival succeeded to the estates on the death of his twin brother James in 1548. Thomas Bythomore was son and heir of Roger, son and heir of William, son and heir of John, son and heir of William, son and heir of George De la More, or Bythemore, Lord of Nailsay, by his wife Joan, daughter and * I suspect that these words are merely invented liy the...
Sayfa 209 - Cumberland, and a yearly fair on the eve, the day and the morrow of SS. Peter and Paul. Witnesses : — John de Plessetis, earl of Warwick, Peter de Sabaudia, John de Grey, John de Burgo, Roger de Monte Alto, Ralph de Haya, Robert de Sancto Johanne, Robert Walerand, William de Grey, John, prior of Newburgh, Imbert Pugeys, William Gernun and others.

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