Prepping: The Ultimate Survival Guide: The Guide to Surviving Any Disaster

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Speedy Publishing LLC, 27 Oca 2014 - 35 sayfa
"Prepping: The Ultimate Survival Guide" is a great way to help the novice to be prepared for an emergency. The ultimate prepper need not have this guide as they will already be prepared for any disaster. This guide will be for the individual that wants to learn how to start getting things prepared in case something happens. Some people are of the opinion that a prepper is extreme but in the long run it does pay to be prepared in the eventuality that there is an emergency and you may need to evacuate in a hurry. The book is also ideal to help the reader to learn how to put a first aid kit together and how to prepare things for persons that may need to have medications or those that have special needs.

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Eliza Plum never knew the true value of prepping until she ended up in Florida one year and got caught in a hurricane. She was not prepared and had to rely on the kindness of strangers to get through the storm. After that she never made the mistake again of not being prepared for any situation. She also took it upon herself to ensure that all of her family and friends were prepared for any emergency as well. Eliza also wrote a guide in the form of a book to help people figure out exactly what it is that they need to do in order be prepared for an emergency situation.

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